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Commercial Insurance in Texas

You have worked hard to build your business. Commercial insurance policies can help you protect it.

Texas commercial insurance helps ensure that your business is safe from potentially devastating losses when things go wrong. There are a few general types of policies available for your business. Whether you choose one or more will depend on your specific needs.

Commercial liability insurance helps protect your company against lawsuits and other claims from third parties. An insurer helps defend your business when a claim is made. They will also, if needed, pay damages to keep those funds from coming out of your bottom line. The types of liability insurance can be broken down into umbrella liability insurance and excess liability insurance. Insurance providers can talk to you about your needs to make sure that you get ample coverage.

Disasters both natural and man made can cause the loss of products, tools and the buildings where you do business. Commercial property insurance covers your enterprise and helps pay to rebuild or replace property damaged by fire, wind, flood or other causes. If you rent the buildings where you do business, tenant insurance can provide protection for your goods and equipment. Businesses with more than one location, such as one in Pflugerville and one in Lost Creek, can get coverage for all locations on the same policy. Most policies will cover windstorm damage, unless you also have offices along the coast. Some policies will have exclusions for events that include acts of war or terrorism, insect damage and general wear and tear. Always carefully study all policy materials to find out what is covered and what is not. When it comes time to consider property insurance, there are three different sorts of policies you will see: basic form property insurance, broad form property insurance, and special form property insurance. If you need more coverage than basic form insurance provides, broad form and special form can give you extra coverage.

We can help you find coverage for your business in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Lost Creek, Wells Branch, or anywhere else in the Austin area.

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