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Other Insurance in Texas

Austin area residents are rightly proud of their individualism. From its innovative technology companies to its entrepreneurial start-ups, and from the "keep Austin weird" movement to the vibrant music scene, Austin is filled with people making their own unique choices and needing insurance quotes as individual as they are. Whether you want to insure the dog you are entering in Buda's iconic Wiener Dog Race or the boat you take out on Lakeway's Lake Travis or Austin's Downtown Lake, you should compare quotes online to find a package suited to your unique needs.

When you think about insurance, you already are aware of, and probably have, car insurance and a basic homeowner or renter policy. Just as you are not a generic person, but a genuine individual, you may not be adequately covered by some generic policy, but need insurance tailored to your own personal lifestyle.

Austin Texas Life Insurance

There are three major types of life insurance, term, permanent, and accidental death and dismemberment. Meet with our agents to see which of these best fits your budget and personal lifestyle.

Austin Texas Boat Insurance

If your boat is a beat-up aluminium canoe patched with duct tape, you probably don't need boat insurance. If your boat is worth more than a few thousand dollars or has a sail or a motor, you may need boat insurance to cover two things. First, you need coverage for the physical boat (hull and machinery), similar to the comprehensive coverage for your car. Second, you need liability insurance, to protect you if your boat causes injuries to people or property damage. Also, many marinas now require boat insurance.

Austin Texas Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle and scooter insurance, like car insurance, varies in price and coverages. When getting quotes, you need to factor in availability of discounts for which you might qualify, deductibles, and what actually is included in the coverage.

Austin Texas RV Insurance

You own an RV to get away from the stress of daily life or work, not to add extra stress by making your insurance coverage more complicated. Unfortunately, because an RV drives on the roads, it needs to be covered as a moving vehicle, and because it has both fixed and moveable property, it needs both its fixed and moveable contents insured. To avoid the stress of worrying about which parts of your RV are covered under your home policy, which are covered under automobile policies, and what isn't covered, look for quotes for specialized RV insurance.

Austin Texas Umbrella Insurance

Imagine that one of your neighbour's children is left unsupervised, manages to crawl through a gap in your fence, falls in your swimming pool, and suffers brain damage. This isn't just a tragedy for the child's family, it`s a financial disaster for you unless you have umbrella coverage. An umbrella policy insures you for excess liabilities beyond those on your regular policies, and can apply to you personal or business life.

Austin Texas Personal Article Insurance

Many high value items such as jewellery, art works, silverware, collectibles, and antiques require special forms of personal article insurance in case of theft or damage.

Austin Texas Flood Insurance

Almost every year you see dramatic pictures of floods on the news. Some years flooding is caused by heavy rainfall, some years by hurricanes, and other years by rapid snow melting. Regular renter`s or homeowner's insurance specifically excludes coverage of flood damage. If you live in a in low-lying areas, such as most of Travis County, you need flood insurance in addition to whatever other insurance you have for your property.

Austin Texas Dwelling Fire Insurance

Fire can be devastating, causing smoke as well as heat damage not only to your property but to property downwind of you. While homeowner's insurance covers you for fires that are not your fault, fire insurance is an extra safeguard for fires cause by cigarettes, cooking accidents, or faulty wiring, where you are technically at fault.

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