Before You Float, Protect Your Boat – Austin, TX

The summer time is meant to be full of fun in the sun without the worry of unexpected issues.  However, accidents happen especially when you are out boating with friends and family.  While boat insurance is not required in the state of Texas, there are many benefits to having insurance that can help protect yourself, family, friends and those around you.  

 According to Texas state law, your boat falls under Automobile Protection.  This may sound daunting, but the Southwest Insurance Center makes this process easier for you.  They take into account that boating involves interactions with not only the water but those around you.  Should an accident happen, having liability protection is a must.  Having Personal Injury Protection (referred to as PIP) protects you should someone harm you or your boat.  Of course, there is also overall insurance much like your regular vehicle.  Each of these aspects of insurance is considered by your Southwest Insurance Center Insurance Agent.  All you have to do is make a single call.

All of this may seem to be unnecessary, but should an unforeseen accident happen, not only might your boat be covered, but injuries sustained by yourself and by those nearby could also be covered.  With Southwest Insurance Center, a single phone call can strip away the worry that comes with not having an insured vehicle.  Remember, a boat is just like a car and prone to accidents.  In 2015, over 39,000 recreational vehicle accidents occurred which caused over $487,000 worth of property damage.  Instead of waiting to find the right way to purchase insurance for your boat before you float, call the Southwest Insurance Center today and work with an Insurance Agent to find the best coverage to fit your boating needs.