How to Protect Yourself While House Sitting

If you are a professional house sitter, then you know the rewards that accompany your job. You get the benefit of living in a nice home while the owners are away. An added benefit is the fact that you temporarily live for free. There aren’t too many professions that give you the ability to live in prestigious homes for free on a regular basis.

Although house sitting is nice, there are some dangers that come along with the profession. At Southwest Insurance Center, we want you to be safe while you are working hard at your job. Before your next assignment, keep the following safety tips in mind.

Always know what to do during a weather-related disaster. You should know where the first aid kits and flashlights are, just in case you need to use them.

Know where the fire extinguishers are in the home. Fires are one of the many threats to you while you are house sitting. When you take the time to learn where the extinguishers are, you reduce the chance of fires getting out of your control and threatening you and the home.

Learn how to use the intrusion system effectively. Most alarm systems include the ability to press a button and reach emergency services. If you know this, and you know how to use the system, then you could potentially save your life during an intrusion.

Know some defensive moves for your protection. There may be a time when you have to protect yourself from an intruder. If you know a few defensive moves, you could prevent an intruder from overtaking you.

At Southwest Insurance Central, our goal is to ensure you are safe, including when you are driving. You can visit our website to learn more about our auto insurance products.

What are the best ways to give back after the holidays?

Whether you live in Buda, TX or anywhere else in the country, sharing the love and joy during the holiday season is a beautiful thing. It is also an important time to look back over the year and appreciate everything you have, as there are many others who are not as fortunate. During the holiday season you can help out at soup kitchens, clothing drives and donation centers often are overflowing with locals wanting to do their part and give back to the community. At Southwest Insurance Center, we do the same. There are some fantastic ways for you to still give back after the holidays. 

Some Extra Cans of Groceries

When you go to the grocery store, pick up an extra can of vegetables, beans, tuna fish or really anything else that has a very long shelf life or is not perishable. After a month or so, you’ll have several bags full of canned food you spent under $1 at a time. Take it to your local food pantry or soup kitchen. These locations often struggle to stay full after the holidays due to the drop off in donations. You can help stop this. Talk to your local food banks to see what is on their need list. 

Nursing Homes

Many residents of nursing homes live far away from their children or grandchildren and don’t often have the means of visiting outside of the facility. Spending an hour or two here a week is often enough to brighten the spirits of residents. Whether it is reading a book with someone struggling with their vision or simply calling out numbers during bingo, a few hours is enough to brighten their week. 

Make it a Family Affair

Whatever you decide to do, make it a family affair. Young children who learn the importance of giving back are more likely to do it themselves. 

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