RV Propane Tank Safety and Maintenance for Novices

The propane tank on your RV is an essential element in your ability to stay comfortable while you’re on the road. These tips from Southwest Insurance Center are designed to help newer RV enthusiasts keep cozy without risking the safety of your Austin, TX rig.

  • Before your first outing with a new propane system, spend some time looking over your owner’s manual. Note things like suggested maintenance schedules, cautions, and other important information.
  • Don’t fill your propane cylinders over 80% capacity. This ensures that excess gas doesn’t escape from the tanks and end up seeping into your appliances. Liquid propane in your appliances can contribute to fires and damage the regulators in your system.
  • Check your camper batteries before each outing. Many propane systems are connected to your main battery source. If your battery gets low, your propane system could sound an alarm that sends everyone onboard into a frenzy. Often, propane system manufacturers will make the low battery sound a little different from other alarms.
  • Shut off all the electricity in your RV before changing or checking your tanks. Be sure to seal off gas valves to your appliances as well to prevent gas from seeping out during the service.
  • Make sure your onboard carbon monoxide monitor is always working. This is especially important in older rigs with propane systems that may not be equipped with more modern safety features. Propane gas is colorless and odorless. Manufacturers add scent to the mixture that causes the gas to smell like rotten eggs to warn you of a leak. However, this can be easy to miss if you are asleep or outside your rig. A functioning monitor is your best bet to stay safe.

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When is getting umbrella insurance a good idea?

People all over the Austin TX area need to spend time considering their personal insurance needs. For most people, this will including having a home, auto, health and other forms of insurance. For some people, having additional personal liability insurance could be a good idea. There are several situations in which someone should consider getting an umbrella insurance policy. 

Additional Coverage

One of the reasons why people get umbrella insurance is that it will give coverage on top of their base policies. While the liability coverage you receive from your home and auto coverage can seem substantial, there are situations where it is not enough. For those that want coverage against the risk of significant damage or injuries, having the additional umbrella insurance is a necessity as it can be much higher in coverage. 

Covers for Unique Situations

Another advantage of having umbrella insurance is that it can protect you from some unique situations that are not included under normal insurance policies. When you have an umbrella insurance policy, you will get personal coverage against slander, libel, false arrest or malicious prosecution, or causing mental anguish. Due to these unique forms of coverage, those that are in certain professions should consider having umbrella insurance a complete necessity.

There are clearly many situations in which having umbrella insurance is a good idea. To make sure that they are properly covered for their umbrella insurance needs, people that are in the Austin, TX area should call the team at the Southwest Insurance Center. The insurance professionals at the Southwest Insurance Center could help anyone to get into a policy that provides the right level of umbrella coverage. This will ensure you are properly covered for all of your liability risks, which should provide peace of mind.