How Does Home Insurance Protect My Family?

When you think about protecting your family, you likely think about putting them in right neighborhood, getting the right health insurance, and making sure that they understand basic safety skills. What you likely don’t consider is how home insurance can be a major factor as well. If you live in Austin, TX, consider the following tips as to how home insurance can keep your family safe from Southwest Insurance Center.

Stress and Safety

Home insurance may not be the people to fix a broken leg if you suffer one after a major storm, but they may be the ones to help you the care that you need. Insurance can also be a lifesaver in terms of logistics. Let’s say you don’t have the coverage available to stay someplace else after a storm destroys half your home. You’d be reliant upon the goodwill of others, which can be a stressful situation. While nothing about disasters is very peaceful, home insurance can be what you need in your world when it’s at its darkest. This can save your family’s sanity during what is already a difficult time. 

Fewer Threats 

Neighborhoods in Austin, TX that aren’t strewn with litter or broken windows are neighborhoods that aren’t likely to see a lot of criminals on their block — if for no other reason than people are paying attention to what’s happening. Your family stays safe when repairs are made right away rather than being covered with cardboard or left in plain sight. For more information on all of this, Southwest Insurance Center is ready to give you the facts about keeping your family safe with the right policy. Give us a call today to find out more about getting more coverage or for a quote. 


Why Austin, Texas Homeowners need Home Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is important in a place like Austin, Texas because it will protect the increasingly pricey home you bought in the Texas state capital, which is considered by many to be one of the hippest cities in the country. Below are some of the reasons you will need homeowner’s insurance in this fun and exciting city in the middle of the Lone Star State.


While tornadoes rarely ever go as far south as Austin in the state of Texas, there are other natural disasters that can affect homeowners in the central part of the state. Massive storms will hit the area a couple of times a year on average, leading to heavy rains and flooding across the area. Sometimes when rains are especially intense, homes will be washed away. There’s also the concern of trees falling on roofs and causing serious amounts of damage. Without homeowner’s insurance, none of these catastrophic events will be covered, and you will have to pay out of pocket.


One of the other great aspects of a homeowner’s insurance policy is that it protects against all varieties of theft that could occur to your homestead. It not only protects the property itself but also the valuables within the home. While Austin’s crime rate is relatively low, it’s now the 11th largest city in America, meaning there is a better chance of a burglary occurring than in a small city or town.


Homeowner’s insurance in Austin, Texas also protects against things you could never expect to happen, like a pipe bursting or a fire breaking out due to frayed wiring. This piece of mind that comes with a good homeowner’s insurance policy from a broker like Southwest Insurance Center, serving the Austin, Texas area, allows you to enjoy your lifestyle in this town that is widely considered to be one of the best in the country.