Talking to Your Parents About Life Insurance

Families are often hesitant to discuss life insurance details. Although these can sometimes be uncomfortable conversations, they are also important conversations. At Southwest Insurance Center serving Austin, TX, we want to help our clients feel comfortable and empowered when discussing this topic. Keep reading to learn more about discussing life insurance with your parents. 

Why It’s Important 

Discussing life insurance with your aging parents is important because when parents pass, adult children are usually the ones who handle arrangements. These adult children need to know the details of the life insurance plans that are active. If there are no life insurance plans active, adult children will want to discuss the importance of finding a plan to relieve the financial burden in the future. 

Questions to Ask

When discussing this important topic, you will want to ask specific questions to ensure that you have the information you need to handle your parents’ final arrangements in the future. You will need to know who holds active policies, how much the policy will provide, and any other details concerning the policy such as loans that have been taken out against it. 

You will also want to take note of your parents’ wishes concerning their final arrangements. It will be very important to them that they feel heard and that their wishes are respected in a compassionate way.

If your parents do not have an active life insurance policy, you will want to discuss with them the importance of shopping for something now, so that their final wishes can be handled in the appropriate way without additional financial burden. 

If you would like to learn more about our insurance products, please contact us at Southwest Insurance Center serving Austin TX, and the surrounding areas. 

How Does Commercial Insurance Protect My Small Business?

Are any small business owners reading this post in Austin, TX? Here at Southwest Insurance Center, we love supporting small businesses in any way we can. Austin is a fantastic place to start a business and run your own company; the rich culture, tourism, sights, and sounds all make for a great backdrop to building your dream business. 

You’ve probably looked into commercial insurance throughout your time as a small business owner. Commercial insurance can be very overwhelming; how much coverage do you really need? Is it worth the cost? We’re here to explain the ways that commercial insurance can protect your small business, give you peace of mind, and help you grow.

Commercial Insurance Protection 

1. Commercial liability insurance protects your business against lawsuits or claims from third parties about your business. 

2. Commercial property insurance protects one of your greatest investments – your office, workspace, warehouse, or other location where you conduct business. If your property is damaged in a fire or other natural causes, property insurance protects your building.  

Property insurance also covers your inventory, machinery, and other items that are essential to the functioning of your business (that are housed in your workspace). 

Remember that insurance exists to mitigate the risks associated with the policy. If operating your small business has substantial risk, looking into commercial insurance is a wise decision so you can protect your investments and your bottom line. 

If you’re a business owner in the Austin, TX area and are interested in looking at the coverage options we offer, contact Southwest Insurance Center today. Our team of experts can help you decide what the most suitable commercial insurance coverage is for your business to thrive.

Do I Need Boat Insurance in Texas?

Anyone who lives in Austin, TX has likely shared the enjoyment that boating can offer both residents and tourists of the area. Southwest Insurance Center is here to answer all your questions about boat insurance in the great state of Texas.

Many marinas in Texas now require boat insurance in order to park your vessel on their property. Other than that, most boating insurance is for the peace of mind of the boat owner, as we can’t control every water situation we’re in, whether you’re the best boat captain on the water or not. 

Boat insurance can protect you in the event of an accident. Whether you’re at fault or not, boater’s insurance provides a financial cushion that will give you great peace of mind every time you get on the water with family and friends. 

If you’ve spent any significant sum of money on your boat, investing in boat insurance is a wise move. Don’t throw away the thousands of dollars you’ve invested in your vessel by not properly insuring it before you get out on the water to enjoy it. 

Standard coverage for a boat includes:

1. Physical damage to the boat that occurs during an accident, dangerous weather, etc

2. Property damage to another person’s property in the event of an accident

3. Theft or vandalism to your boat that needs replacing

As you can see, a simple insurance policy can set you up with a great amount of protection in various scenarios when out on the water. If you live in Austin, TX, have a boat, and need some guidance as you build a plan that will protect your assets, contact the team at Southwest Insurance Center. Our team of experts can help!

What is Included in Your Motorcycle Insurance?

There is nothing quite like the open road on the back of a motorcycle! That being said, you are going to need to protect yourself and your bike in case you are involved in an accident. Just like with automobile insurance, you need to make sure that you have motorcycle insurance. 

So, what is included with your insurance? 

Liability insurance. You need to have liability insurance if you want to own a motorcycle. This will protect you by covering the cost of damage to the property, along with the medical bills of those that are involved in the accident. 

Comprehensive insurance. This is optional, but it may be in your best interest to have some. This will cover your motorcycle if it gets stolen or damaged due to things that are beyond our control, such as fire and storm. It also covers vandalism. 

Collision. This insurance covers any damage that may occur to your own motorcycle if you are at fault. 

Uninsured and underinsured motorist. If you want to protect yourself against others on the road, you are going to want to have uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance. This will cover any damage to your motorcycle, along with any of your medical bills that aren’t covered because the other driver didn’t have enough insurance. 

You can decide how much insurance and what types of insurance you want to have. However, if you have a loan out for your motorcycle, you may be required to have a comprehensive collision policy. Talk to a professional to help you find a plan that fits into your budget, while still protecting you. In Austin, TX, contact us today at Southwest Insurance Center. 

3 Safety Tips For Full Time RV Living

RV living is growing in popularity and accessibility. As RVs become more advanced in their comfort features, more and more people are opting for full-time RV life. At Southwest Insurance Center serving Austin, TX and the surrounding areas, we want to help clients understand how they can safely make this lifestyle change. Keep reading to learn about 3 safety tips for full-time RV living. 

Proper Insurance Coverage

If you choose to live in your RV full time, you will want to make sure that you have the proper type of insurance coverage. Regular vehicle coverage will not be adequate to protect your family and possessions if you are living in your RV. Although in some areas you can operate an RV with just vehicle coverage, this will not cover the value of your family’s personal belongings should there be an accident, fire, natural disaster, or burglary. An insurance professional can sit down with you to discuss the amount and types of insurance coverage you will need. 

Proper Security Features 

If you are staying in RV parks, it is imperative that you have the proper security features on your RV. Although all steps are taken to ensure that RV parks are safe, you are still in a vulnerable position. This is also true if you are staying overnight in parking lots or travel centers. You can increase your security with security cameras and RV security systems created specifically for this type of lifestyle. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings 

When you arrive in an RV park take time to look around and get acquainted with the park’s security features and security guards. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, you should carefully consider your choice of location. 

If you would like to learn about RV insurance or any of our other insurance products, please contact us at Southwest Insurance Center, serving Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. 

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance in Texas?

Residents of Austin, TX looking for more information on umbrella insurance should keep reading. The team at Southwest Insurance Center has the experience and knowledge to help guide you throughout the process of purchasing umbrella insurance on your already-insured assets that need additional coverage. 

Umbrella insurance is just that – extra coverage. As you build an investment portfolio, purchase a home, investment property, vehicles, boats, other toys, and even run a business… umbrella insurance fills in the blanks where your standard policy may not. 

Why Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance fills in the blanks where you may be at extra risk of getting sued for something. This could be related to a neighborhood issue, a client issue with your business, even an injury sustained by a neighbor from your dog. If you participate in dangerous or risky sports like hunting or surfing, your risk is higher of causing harm to someone else while participating. Umbrella insurance can cover you in these scenarios. 

The beauty of umbrella insurance is you can start small, with a lower amount of coverage, and scale up as you continue to make investments in property, businesses, and other valuable assets. 

The benefits of having umbrella insurance certainly outweigh the cost you are responsible for. While every individual and family is different, the safeguards that umbrella insurance will offer your assets and peace of mind are well worth the cost of coverage. 

If you think umbrella insurance sounds like something that would benefit your lifestyle or your future goals, don’t hesitate to reach out to Southwest Insurance Center today. We’re committed to helping residents of Austin, TX and the surrounding areas navigate insurance and get the coverage that works for them. Contact us today!  

4 Important Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance

Southwest Insurance Center serves the Austin, TX community, as well as the surrounding areas. We proudly serve as an independent insurance agency. We strive to help our clients find policies that minimize risks so that they can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. We work closely with multiple carriers throughout the South. This allows us to offer our clients a wide variety of options. We look forward to helping you protect your assets.

Important Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance

Accidents often happen in life. However, sometimes they are more serious than initially anticipated. If you are responsible for a serious accident, your assets may be at risk if you don’t have enough liability coverage. This is where umbrella insurance takes over. Umbrella insurance covers you once you have reached the liability limits on your policy. Umbrella insurance provides multiple benefits.

Protects Your Vehicle

Imagine you are traveling out of Austin, TX and you accidentally hit another vehicle. Perhaps your teenage driver is ready to start driving independently, and they cause a collision. These are common cases where your assets may be at risk if you don’t have umbrella insurance.

Protects Your Home

If you have an accessory such as a swimming pool at your home, one minor accident could have fatal consequences. If someone is seriously injured while using your pool, umbrella insurance will cover you.

Protects Your Business

If you are operating a consulting business, you could get sued for slander. Umbrella insurance will help you protect your investment.

Protects Your Integrity

If you serve on the Board Of Directors for a nonprofit organization, umbrella insurance covers you against potential allegations of misconduct.

Southwest Insurance Center Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about umbrella insurance.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance in Austin, TX?

If you have protected yourself with auto, boat, and home insurance, you will be surprised if someone tells you that you need more coverage. The truth is that as you grow in life, your responsibilities and financial status change, putting you at a greater risk. And for this reason, you need coverage like umbrella insurance from Southwest Insurance Center to protect you.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

But isn’t umbrella insurance for the rich and famous only? While it’s true that umbrella insurance protects persons with a significant asset base, this coverage is suitable for anyone earning a livelihood. Because we live in a litigious society, you don’t have to wait until you reach the one-million-dollar mark for you to start investing in umbrella insurance. You can start today and continue increasing coverage as your situation changes.

But because situations aren’t the same for everyone, some people need umbrella insurance more than others because they are at a greater risk of being sued. You need umbrella insurance immediately if you:

  • Own a business: Businesses come with significant risks, including property damage, bodily injury, and advertising injury that can exceed your typical business insurance coverage.
  • Own a pet that can cause injury: If you own certain dog breeds that can bite, you need umbrella insurance to protect you when your pet inflicts damage to a third party.
  • Participate in high-risk hobbies: If you undertake hobbies like hunting, surfing, or skiing, you need umbrella insurance because the chance of you inflicting injuries to others is high.
  • Are a landlord: You need umbrella insurance to protect yourself from tenants’ liabilities that can be cost-prohibitive.
  • Coach youth sports: If your trainees sustain injuries during training sessions, you could face expensive legal suits that wipe away your assets.

Buy umbrella insurance today!

Would you like to boost your auto, boat, or home insurance today? Please invest in umbrella insurance from Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX.

Benefits of RV Insurance

Taking a trip with your family in an RV is a great experience that most people look forward to. And while an RV can be a great entertainment asset, it also comes with a few responsibilities for the owner. For those residing in Austin, TX, making sure you have insured your RV is essential. As Southwest Insurance Center explains, here are some benefits of insuring your RV.

Protecting Your Assets

Buying an RV is a significant investment. If anything were to happen to it, you would be set back financially. That is why you should protect it through insurance. When you purchase insurance, depending on the policy, you will protect not only the RV but also the contents inside. Therefore, if you get into an accident and the RV is damaged, or someone breaks in and steals the contents, you do not have to worry about the cost of repairs or replacing items.

Provides Liability Protection

You should be aware that every time you are on the road, there is the risk of liability you are exposed to. You may get into an accident and damage another car or someone’s property. When you purchase RV insurance, you get liability protection which helps cover the cost of damages if you were at fault.  

Peace of Mind

A drive in your RV is supposed to be fun where everyone is having a good time, and that is what buying insurance promises you. You do not have to drive your RV, worrying that if anything happens on the road, you will have to take care of the resulting expenses. Your insurance policy covers that.

Austin, TX RV owners can enjoy these benefits by reaching out to Southwest Insurance Center to discuss the different types of coverage available in the market. Contact us today for assistance on how to protect your RV.

Boat Insurance Basics

Owning a boat in Austin, TX takes a bit of work and a lot of responsibility. However, all the hard work and responsibility are worth it when you get the boat out onto the water and spend a day with friends and family. To help protect you against paying high costs of repairs or medical bills for injuries from an accident, you should carry boaters insurance. The agents at Southwest Insurance Center understands the need for boat insurance and are ready to help get you the coverage you need. 

Small Craft Coverage

Small crafts, such as any watercraft with an engine less than a 25-mile per hour horsepower, small sailboats, and canoes, might be covered under your primary homeowners or renters insurance policy. Liability coverage is typically not included, but some endorsements can be added to your existing policy to provide you full coverage. 

Larger Boats

Larger and faster boats, such as yachts and speedboats, require a separate insurance policy. Your boaters insurance policy will cover physical damage to the boat, property damage if you hit another object, theft, and medical payments. Boat insurance policies have deductibles and caps on their payouts. Purchasing an umbrella insurance policy can help pay for any money owed over the cap of your insurance policy. 

Boat Insurance Coverage

Boat insurance coverage varies by policy, but most policies cover the following: 

  • Physical damage to the boat
  • Theft of the boat
  • Bodily injury to others than the boat owner
  • Damage caused to someone else’s property
  • Medical payment for injuries
  • Guest passenger liability
  • Trailer or boat accessories
  • Theft of belongings
  • Towing in the event of an accident

Those with a boat in Austin, TX should reach out to Southwest Insurance Center to learn more about their boater’s insurance options.