Four steps to buying commercial insurance

Commercial insurance is an important investment for business owners in Austin, TX. At Southwest Insurance Center, we offer commercial insurance to suit business owners operating in any industry. 

The following are four steps to go through to buy commercial insurance coverage for your company.

Figure out what your company’s risks are

Commercial insurance is all about covering the financial risks that your company faces. Therefore, the first thing you want to do when you are buying a commercial insurance policy is to determine what these risks are.

Every company faces some financial risks. Your risks could include equipment damage, property damage, expenses from lawsuits, and more. Look at your company’s setup and operations. Then, you can identify all the risks you need your commercial insurance policy to cover. 

Learn what the various types of commercial insurance are

Commercial insurance needs vary significantly by company. There are many different types of commercial insurance you need to understand to determine which types you need on your policy.

Just a few of the types of insurance you may need are commercial property insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, malpractice insurance, and commercial liability coverage. 

Acquire quotes from various providers

There are numerous providers offering commercial insurance in your area. You should get quotes from multiple providers. This will allow you to compare policies and find the one that best suits your needs. 

Select a policy and factor commercial insurance into your company budget

Analyze the available quotes and choose the best one. Then, you’ll need to determine your budget. Commercial insurance premiums are an added expense you’ll need to include in your budget. 

Are you interested in exploring your commercial insurance options in Austin, TX? Explore your options with us at Southwest Insurance Center. 

Will Home Insurance Protect You If a Tree Falls On Your House?

Storms are happening across Austin, TX all of the time and it is important to know what your home insurance covers, and what it does not. Say you have a big wind storm, to the point where you have a tree that falls right at your house. While this is not an ideal scenario by any means, you are likely wondering whether or not you have coverage to get your home back together.  

There is not a black and white answer as to whether your home insurance will cover a tree falling on your home. It will depend on a variety of different factors that are in play. The cause of the tree fall is one of the things that will matter, as will the damage that was done to your home itself.

In the majority of cases, a homeowner’s insurance policy is going to help to protect your home if there is damage to your house itself, as well as a fence, shed, or other structures on your property. In the situation where the tree falls due to a wind storm, you will likely be covered up to the limits on your policy, while you are paying the deductible out of pocket.

What you will not have coverage for is going to be tree falls on your home due to negligence or maintenance problems. If the tree was ready to fall and you ignored it, that means you neglected to care for it and may not be covered. The same goes for if you cut a tree down on your own and it tumbles onto your home.

With home insurance, you want to know what you have coverage for and what you do not. Work with the team at Southwest Insurance Center to shine more light on the topic today!