How You Can Benefit From Umbrella Insurance

There is absolutely no doubt that our society has become more litigious by the day. This is a fact the professional and knowledgeable staff at Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX does not shy away from. Protecting yourself from a lawsuit is an important consideration that you should be well acquainted with especially if you are a homeowner.

Umbrella Insurance is very basic protection for the "in between" areas of your basic home, auto, life or commercial insurance policy.  Umbrella insurance used to be considered for only the very wealthy, however, it is never pleasant to lose your hard-earned home to a lawsuit judgment from an auto wreck that exceeded your auto liability insurance ceiling.

Umbrella insurance can protect you, your business and your family if you are liable for excessive amounts of damages where you, your business, or a family member were found to be at fault.  

Whether or not you decide to take out an umbrella insurance policy is contingent upon, like any other insurance product, what type of lifestyle you lead. Are you in a position to incur a loss as a result of certain aspects of your lifestyle? Is your business vulnerable?  Umbrella insurance policies pick up where typical insurance policies end.    

An umbrella policy can benefit anyone because anything can happen. However, if you fall within a certain professional background or have inherent risk involved with your business or personal lifestyle, now would be a great time to think about whether this extra added arm of insurance is right for you and your family. 

Come in today to speak with the agents at Southwest Insurance Center. Serving the Austin, TX location and the surrounding areas we would love to set your mind at ease regarding this additional protection.  

Austin, Texas RV/Motorhome Insurance Liability for Guests from Southwest Insurance Center

If you have guests sleep overnight in your RV in Austin, TX, you may be liable for anything that happens while they are there. This doesn’t mean you should never invite guests over. Instead, maybe it’s time to consider what additional insurance options are available for your peace of mind. Your Southwest Insurance Center agent can help by providing information and quotes on the various coverage options. 

Texas RV Coverage

Your car insurance may cover personal injury and collision liability for accidents, but the limits won’t cover extensive damage to your RV in Austin, TX. Also, it likely won’t cover perils such as theft or natural disasters. 
This is where optional coverage comes in. Work with your Southwest Insurance Center agent to customize your RV policy to your personal situation.

RV Coverage

For your expected or unexpected guests, choose from the following, especially if you will be traveling with people outside your immediate family. See the vacation coverage for more information on protecting yourself when you are vacationing but not on the road.

  • Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damages suffered by others if you cause an accident. 
  • Comprehensive covers costs if your RV is damaged by a non-collision incident.
  • Collision coverage helps repair or replace your RV in case of a collision.
  • Vacation liability helps with costs of others’ injuries or property damage. However, this coverage is meant to cover you for vacation purposes, not road operation.
  • Roadside assistance coverage covers you for RV mechanical breakdowns.
  • All Perils covers all risks and accidents that could possibly occur, with a few exclusions. Customized Austin, TX RV insurance for named perils include coverage on events you specify, such as acts of God and other events. In Austin, TX that covers things like theft, wind, hail, and storms.

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