Moving Beyond Liability Coverage, Why You May Need More Auto Coverage in Austin, TX

In Texas, as in most states, drivers are required to pay for accidents they cause.  Drivers must demonstrate financial responsibility.  The basic coverage is defined as 30/60/25.  This means that every driver needs a minimum of $30,000 if someone is injured.  Additionally, drivers must cover for $60,000 for an accident and $25,000 for property damage.   Often, people purchase minimum liability insurance.  While this provides protection for an accident and covers any medical costs if someone else is injured, it does not provide for the medical expenses of the policy holder if they are injured. 

Following an accident, your will have to repair your car.  Also, if you are injured, you will have medical expenses.  Further, if the policy does not provide sufficient funds to cover the medical expenses, they can sue the driver for the additional money.  These are things that may not be covered by a minimum liability insurance policy in Austin, TX. 

A more comprehensive insurance policy from Southwest Insurance Center, serving the Austin TX area, can provide drivers with better coverage.  Policies that provide coverage for uninsured/underinsured motorists, personal injury, comprehensive and collision can give you peace of mind.  If the automobile is financed, many lenders will require drivers to maintain either comprehensive or collision coverage to protect their investment.  If there is an accident, the driver will be able to repair or replace the car.  If destroyed, collision coverage policies provide for the value of the car less depreciation.  A comprehensive policy is broader in that it will pay for the repair or replacement in more situations such as theft or damage. 

The team at Southwest Insurance Center is ready to help you get the coverage you need.  Compare quotes online then visit with a knowledgeable agent today!

Ways To Avoid Fender Bender Fraud

Accidents are a fact of life but it is a mistake to fall victim of fender bender fraud if you are in an accident. At some times, it is easy to give the other driver the benefit of the doubt, especially if it seems as though it actually was an accident. However, if you do not take the right precautions, you may become the victim of something much bigger and end up paying more out of pocket in the long run. Follow these rules when you are involved in a fender bender so you can protect yourself on the roads.

  • Take note of the accident and how it happened. Take pictures of everything you can think of while you are there. This includes both of the vehicles, the damage, the license plates, their driver’s license, and even the area of the road where it occurred. 
  • Always contact the police so you can get a police report. The police office that comes to the scene of the accident will serve as an impartial observer in the case that the other driver tries to change their story or pin the accident on you. 
  • Always be truthful from the beginning. If the case does go to court, then by staying truthful, you are more likely to not become a victim of fender bender fraud. 
  • Make sure you get their insurance information and make the claim as soon as possible after the accident. Share their information with your insurance agency so you can get everything handled as soon as possible.
  • If there are injuries from the accident, encourage everyone to go to the emergency room for evaluation.

Following these steps will help you to better protect yourself on the roads in the case of an accident and contact Southwest Insurance Center for all of your insurance needs.