Why Texas Consultants Need Commercial Insurance

Southwest Insurance Center assists the Austin, TX community and surrounding areas. We have relationships with several carriers throughout the South. We help our clients find unique policies that evolve as their needs change. We will take the time to help you find the right coverage to live comfortably.

Why Texas Consultants Need Commercial Insurance

Austin, TX is home to several thriving businesses. As a business owner, one way that you can stand out from the competition is through having a strong commercial insurance policy. Commercial insurance covers all of your property and equipment if it is stolen or vandalized. The policy covers damage to the physical structure of your business. Liability coverage is extremely important, as there are a lot of risks associated with operating a business. You can add business interruption insurance to your policy. You will be covered if an accident causes your business to shut down for a few weeks.

This is especially true if you are a consultant. As a consultant, you help people achieve their personal goals. However, you may face legal action if your client is not satisfied with your advice. If you are accused of negligence, liability insurance covers your business. Even if the allegations are not true, you are still at risk. You can also face litigation if your client believes that you did not finish a job based on the terms of a contract. Liability insurance covers your business as you fight for your reputation. Commercial insurance is an asset regardless of the services that you provide.  

Southwest Insurance Center Can Help You Protect Your Investment

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What You Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Those shopping for homeowners insurance in Austin, TX have many options available to them regarding basic coverage and additional options. Before shopping for insurance, understand the amount of coverage and what is and is not covered by your policy. The experts at Southwest Insurance Center understand shopping for a homeowners insurance policy can be overwhelming and are ready to make the process go as smoothly as possible. 

Below are things you need to know and questions to ask before purchasing your homeowner’s policy in the state of Texas: 

Roof Repair

Depending upon the cause of the damage, some insurance policies cover the total costs to repair a damaged roof. Within an insurance policy, this is covered under “replacement cost coverage.” If the roof is older or showing signs of wear, the policy may pay less to repair the roof, taking into account the roof’s overall condition before the damage occurred. Paying based on condition is considered “actual cash value” coverage. When deciding on insurance coverage, consider replacement cost versus actual cash value to determine which coverage to purchase. 


Your insurance policy deductible is the amount of money you must pay before your insurance company pays for repairs or replacements. Deductibles vary for different types of damage, and the higher the deductible; the lower your premiums may be. 

Additional Coverage

It is possible to customize your homeowner’s insurance policy by adding additional coverage. For example, consider buying additional coverage if you have expensive jewelry and high-priced items in the home or if you have a pool or other buildings on the property. 

Austin, TX homeowners need to speak with their insurance agent about their insurance policy and coverage options. Understanding more about the policy and coverage options helps make the claim process easier should something happen at your home. For additional information about homeowners insurance coverage, call our agents at Southwest Insurance Center. 

Southwest Insurance Center News

Southwest Insurance Center, the ATX-area’s premier one-stop, independent insurance
agency proudly announces its new location at 901 Mopac Expressway, as well as other
exciting news.

Along with our new address, our agency is unveiling a new look, enhanced customer service
features available via text, instant ID cards, an online customer portal, faster life insurance
quotes and an increased referral program, all to ensure we continue to provide our customers
with the best insurance coverage to fit their needs.

New Office Location
With insurance moving into the digital age, we have decided to forgo having a drop-in office in
order to invest in the features that our customers say they are looking for. These include
digitizing the customer claims experience from end-to-end. Of course, for those customers that
prefer a more personal, face-to-face meeting, we are happy to accommodate you at any time. You
can schedule an office appointment by giving us a call, sending us an email, or through our
online scheduling system here

Text Features
One of the new features we are proud to offer is the ability to communicate with us via text at
any time of day. Simply text the words “ID card” to our office line at 512-280-6100, and one will
be sent to you instantly. Digital ID cards are accepted for any situation. You can also reach out
via text with customer service questions, and we will get back to you during normal business

New Customer Portal
Another enhancement to our customer service experience is the addition of our online customer
portal. You’ll find it under the Manage Your Policy tab on our website swinsurance.com. By
logging onto the portal, you can print your ID cards, view your policy information and make
customer service requests. All we need to ensure efficient communication is your updated email
address and phone number.

New Look
You may notice when you head to the website that it recently got a facelift. We hope you like the
new look as much as we do and find our site easier to navigate. Check it out here.

Instant Life Insurance Quotes
Instant Life Insurance Quotes Increased digitization means you can now get a free life insurance
quote from more than 20 companies in less than a minute to make planning for your future easier
than ever. Go to the Life Insurance section of our website to obtain a speedy, no-obligation

New Referral Program
Our business is built around referrals, and we greatly appreciate any potential customer you send
our way. To emphasize this, we have increased our appreciation gift from $5 to $10 per referral
(no purchase necessary.) Just make sure anyone you refer to us lets us know who sent them, and
you will receive a $10 H-E-B gift card with our thanks.

A Great Partnership
On a personal note, we are excited and honored to share that Jarrod has become an owner/
managing partner of the P&C insurance at the agency. Philip Doak remains owner and managing
partner of the life insurance, disability, annuities, and long-term care. After 14 years with
Southwest Insurance Center, Jarrod has likely worked with each and every one of you at one
point or another, and he looks forward to serving you for a long time to come.

We are so proud of our new office space, website, increased customer service features, and other
positive changes at the agency, and we believe these enhancements will allow us to focus on the
things that matter most to you: providing expert advice, getting you the best rates possible, and
serving as your advocate through your claims experience. We look forward to being your trusted
advisors for many years ahead!