My Friend Was Riding My Bike When the Accident happened. Will My Motorcycle Insurance Cover This?

Your family and friends will always be excited when they learn that you have purchased a new motorcycle. They will probably inquire a lot of things about your new ride, but one inevitable question that will always come up will be; "can I go for a ride?" If we are talking about a car, you might not hesitate to throw your car keys to your friends and tell them to enjoy their ride, but if it’s a motorcycle, you need to pause and think before you agree to their request.

The two fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself when your friend borrows your motorcycle are; does my friend have motorcycle insurance? And how does your motorcycle insurance policy from Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX cover other riders?

Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Cover Your Friend?

Typically, your motorcycle insurance policy may help to meet the cost of repairs, property damage, and medical expenses if you lend your motorbike to your friend and he/she wrecks it. However, whatever that is covered will largely depend on the type of coverage that you have on your policy. If your friend has a motorcycle insurance policy, then it might come in to cover other costs resulting from the accident.

What Happens After the Crash?

Motorists in all states are required to carry liability coverage. Therefore, if your friend injures another person or damages some else’s property while riding your motorbike, it’s your liability coverage that will cater for the resulting loss. However, your liability coverage in Austin, TX won’t cater for your friend’s medical expenses if he/she is the one who was at fault. The collision coverage might help to repair your motorcycle if your friend crashes it while the medical payments coverage will only come in if your friend wasn’t at fault. You should also keep in mind that every coverage has a limit.

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Is Boat Insurance Right For You?

Our friends in Austin, TX love to spend their hotter days out on the water. Texans love their recreational toys, from boats to jetskis and all vessels in-between. At Southwest Insurance Center, we want to protect your favorite watercraft all year-round. You may be surprised by the wide range of vessels that can be covered by a boat insurance policy!

Different Kinds of Boat Insurance


All sorts of boats can be insured with a boat insurance policy. If you’re a boating enthusiast you’re probably already familiar with the astounding amount of different models out on the water today. Just a small sample of insurable boat types include:

  • Walk-Arounds, Cuddy Cabin, Center Consoles, and Bow Riders – Typically used for fishing and recreation with seating for passengers, with or without a cabin in the bow. 
  • Ski Boats – High horsepower, flat bottom boats designed to tow skiers and other high-speed sports.
  • Pontoon Boats – Also known as "party boats", these feature wide, flat platforms floated on pontoons.
  • Sailboats – Used in professional sports, fishing, or recreation. The main source of propulsion comes from the sail with or without the help of a motor.

Personal Watercraft

Yes, even your favorite personal watercraft (or PWC) can be covered with boat insurance. At its most basic, a personal watercraft is a jet-propelled marine recreation vehicle that features handlebars and a saddle for one to three passengers. However, there are plenty more types of PWC that could be covered by boat/marine insurance!

A Necessity

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover some limited boat damage, but it typically won’t cover you for liability. Only a real boat insurance policy could cover your vessel for damages caused by you or injuries you sustain in an accident. 

If you’re boating around Austin, TX allow Southwest Insurance Center to find the perfect policy to protect your favorite watercraft today!