My Friend Was Riding My Bike When the Accident happened. Will My Motorcycle Insurance Cover This?

Your family and friends will always be excited when they learn that you have purchased a new motorcycle. They will probably inquire a lot of things about your new ride, but one inevitable question that will always come up will be; "can I go for a ride?" If we are talking about a car, you might not hesitate to throw your car keys to your friends and tell them to enjoy their ride, but if it’s a motorcycle, you need to pause and think before you agree to their request.

The two fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself when your friend borrows your motorcycle are; does my friend have motorcycle insurance? And how does your motorcycle insurance policy from Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX cover other riders?

Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Cover Your Friend?

Typically, your motorcycle insurance policy may help to meet the cost of repairs, property damage, and medical expenses if you lend your motorbike to your friend and he/she wrecks it. However, whatever that is covered will largely depend on the type of coverage that you have on your policy. If your friend has a motorcycle insurance policy, then it might come in to cover other costs resulting from the accident.

What Happens After the Crash?

Motorists in all states are required to carry liability coverage. Therefore, if your friend injures another person or damages some else’s property while riding your motorbike, it’s your liability coverage that will cater for the resulting loss. However, your liability coverage in Austin, TX won’t cater for your friend’s medical expenses if he/she is the one who was at fault. The collision coverage might help to repair your motorcycle if your friend crashes it while the medical payments coverage will only come in if your friend wasn’t at fault. You should also keep in mind that every coverage has a limit.

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Is Boat Insurance Right For You?

Our friends in Austin, TX love to spend their hotter days out on the water. Texans love their recreational toys, from boats to jetskis and all vessels in-between. At Southwest Insurance Center, we want to protect your favorite watercraft all year-round. You may be surprised by the wide range of vessels that can be covered by a boat insurance policy!

Different Kinds of Boat Insurance


All sorts of boats can be insured with a boat insurance policy. If you’re a boating enthusiast you’re probably already familiar with the astounding amount of different models out on the water today. Just a small sample of insurable boat types include:

  • Walk-Arounds, Cuddy Cabin, Center Consoles, and Bow Riders – Typically used for fishing and recreation with seating for passengers, with or without a cabin in the bow. 
  • Ski Boats – High horsepower, flat bottom boats designed to tow skiers and other high-speed sports.
  • Pontoon Boats – Also known as "party boats", these feature wide, flat platforms floated on pontoons.
  • Sailboats – Used in professional sports, fishing, or recreation. The main source of propulsion comes from the sail with or without the help of a motor.

Personal Watercraft

Yes, even your favorite personal watercraft (or PWC) can be covered with boat insurance. At its most basic, a personal watercraft is a jet-propelled marine recreation vehicle that features handlebars and a saddle for one to three passengers. However, there are plenty more types of PWC that could be covered by boat/marine insurance!

A Necessity

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover some limited boat damage, but it typically won’t cover you for liability. Only a real boat insurance policy could cover your vessel for damages caused by you or injuries you sustain in an accident. 

If you’re boating around Austin, TX allow Southwest Insurance Center to find the perfect policy to protect your favorite watercraft today!

Can You Have Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

One of the questions that we at Southwest Insurance Center, serving the greater Austin, TX area are asked is whether someone can have multiple life insurance out on their life. Here is what you should know about this topic. 

Can You Have Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

Yes, you are able to have multiple life insurance policies out for the same person. And in fact, many people have multiple policies, so it is not as uncommon or rare as it may sound. 

Why Would You Want Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

There are a few reasons why someone may have or want multiple life insurance policies.

First, they may have one policy offered by an employer and want a second policy that offers more coverage than the free or discounted one that their employer provides. 

Second, they may be locked into a policy with a great rate. If they try to increase their policy due to changes in their life, they may lose that rate. In these cases, taking out a second policy may be cheaper than changing the first policy. 

Third, some parties may wish to have a policy that covers their children with their ex-husband and wife, and a separate policy for their new spouse and children. In this case, having two different insurance policies with different beneficiaries can help prevent fighting among the separate families and make it clear who gets what policy. 

Are you in need of a new life insurance policy? If so, contact Southwest Insurance Center, serving the greater Austin, TX area. We can help you find the right insurance policies for your needs. 

5 Commercial Insurance Myths

Commercial Insurance is tailored to cushion your business financially against risks such as legal suits and natural hazards. However, there are several myths associated with the policy. Here are some of them; 

1. A really small business does not need to have an insurance cover

Small businesses are not immune losses emerging from liabilities, downtimes, equipment theft, and natural disasters. Small businesses are also susceptible to lawsuits that could adversely affect the profitability. 

2. The landlord has an insurance cover, so I do not need one

While the landlord could have an insurance cover for the premises, this does not cover the building’s contents. You need to apply for an insurance cover on your equipment, inventory, and any improvements you have made to your rented space.

3. My business is home-based and therefore covered under my home insurance

Running your business from home does not mean that your home insurance automatically covers the business. Should you have a home office or business equipment in your residence, you should consult commercial insurer such as Southwest Insurance Center know so that they provide a cover for such as well.

4. My insurance policy covers me against any loss

Under the commercial insurance policy, only business-related assets and equipment are covered. 

5. I do not need a commercial vehicle cover as I drive my personal vehicle

If you use your personal car to carry out business related activities such as ferrying work equipment, driving your clients or going to meet with them, this is considered a commercial activity. Have your insurer amend your current policy to cover such business operations.

Need to learn more about commercial insurance?  At the Southwest Insurance Center we write commercial insurance in Austin, TX. We work with qualified agents who will advise you on the ideal coverage options for your business. You can also get a free estimate of your policy on our website. 

Does RV Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

No one plans for their RV catching fire. However, this is something that can occur. An RV can catch fire if it is involved in a car accident if it gets caught in a forest fire, if embers from a nearby fire ignite the RV or if a fire breaks out in the kitchen of the RV. If you have RV insurance, you may know that certain things are covered by RV insurance and other things are not. At Southwest Insurance Center, serving the greater Austin, TX area, we believe it is important that every RV owner know what is and what is not covered by their insurance policy. Here is what you need to know about fire damage. 

The type of RV coverage you have, and the reason for the fire, determine whether your insurance policy covers fire damage. If the fire was caused by an accident, the fire would be covered if you have collision insurance on your RV. If the fire were caused by vandalism or cooking in your RV, comprehensive RV insurance would cover the fire damage. As such, in order for all forms of fire damage to be covered, you will want to make sure you carry full coverage RV insurance, including collision and comprehensive coverage to fully protect your RV. 

If you are wondering if your RV insurance policy covers fire damage, bring it to Southwest Insurance Center, serving the greater Austin, TX area. We would be happy to read over your current RV insurance policy with you and discuss what is and is not covered. If needed, we can help you find a new RV insurance policy that helps to fully cover and protect your RV. 

Traveling With Dogs? RV Insurance May Be Necessary

Traveling with your pets in Austin, TX is a lot more fun if you have an RV. However, your RV may be damaged by your pet or your cat or dog buddy may suffer from an injury while driving. If you and your pets travel regularly in your RV, contact us at Southwest Insurance Center to get the coverage you need to protect them.

Pet Coverage Was Once An Impossibility

In the past, most RV insurance policies did not cover pets. That’s because they didn’t consider them an important part of the RV. However, a large number of people have demanded an increase in this type of coverage. As a result, many companies have been forced to start offering pet coverage.

Some Policies Now Cover Pet Injuries

The high demand for policy expansion has caused many RV insurance providers to add coverage for pets. These policies usually cover injuries caused to your pets while on the road. In most cases, pet injury coverage does not require a deductible. This makes is a great addition for people who love traveling with their best cat or dog friends.

Pet Damage May Not Be Covered

One problem you might note when buying this type of policy is a lack of pet damage coverage. That’s because pet damage is often considered a problem that you caused, rather than one that occurred independently of you. Even if you didn’t mean for damage to occur or had no malice, many policies don’t pay for damage caused by pets or even other types of animal invasions, such as rats.

Don’t Neglect Your RV Pet Needs

So if you plan on traveling around the Austin, TX in an RV with pets, please contact us at Southwest Insurance Center today. We will work hard to find a coverage type that works for you and will provide a high-quality and comprehensive insurance that fits your needs.

What Is Dwelling Fire Insurance?

A regular homeowner’s policy in Austin, TX will typically cover everything except those things that are listed as exclusions. A dwelling fire policy, however, will cover specifically-named perils. Because of this, if there are certain assets that you want to make sure are covered by insurance, then a dwelling fire insurance policy may make for the best choice. For now, let’s take a closer look at what a dwelling fire insurance policy is. 

What is Dwelling Insurance?

Dwelling insurance is sometimes called "dwelling coverage." It can be part of homeowner’s insurance policy and may aid in paying for the repair and rebuilding of your home if certain damages occur that are related to weather damage, vandalism, or explosions. This policy is namely for landlords who rent out properties and have no need to put insurance on any of the contents of the home.

Know the Difference

  • Homeowner’s Insurance: Offers coverage on the structure, contents, and the property of a home. It offers protection from fire and helps pay bills related to the repair, rebuilding, and replacement of the home.

  • Dwelling Fire Insurance: These policies are popular for rental properties. If you rent a property to tenants, it is vital to have dwelling fire insurance.

What It Covers?

Fire is not the only type of claim that dwelling fire policies cover. This is why it is a popular option for secondary residence and rental properties. A few things covered under dwelling fire insurance may include;

  • The Dwelling: Including cabinets, flooring, countertops, roof, walls, exterior porches, light fixtures, and built-in appliances.
  • Other Structures: Storage sheds, detached garages, and fences.
  • Fair Rental Value: Your policy will reimburse the homeowner for the loss of rental income when the property has been damaged and the rental unit is uninhabitable.

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The Importance of Having Flood Insurance in Austin, TX

If you are a homeowner in the Austin, TX metro area and you don’t already have flood insurance, you might want to think again. Some of the biggest floods in recent years have been in Texas, and although Austin was not hit, it could be next. Check out these important facts and statistics about Flooding in Texas:

Flood Prone Austin

The average annual rainfall in Austin TX is 34 inches. That doesn’t sound like much, but the problem is that much of it can come at once.  May and September are the rainiest months, with contributions from dissipating tropical storms coming up from the Gulf as well as stalled-out cold fronts. Rainfall amounts exceeding 5 inches in several hours are not uncommon and can cause widespread flooding.
The Colorado River Flows through Austin. Over the years, Colorado has been prone to flooding. In the 1930’s, when Austin was much smaller, the swollen Colorado flooded Austin several times and cut the city in two. In addition, Central Texas is known as "Flash-flood Alley". Flash floods, emanating from smaller streams and tributaries of the Colorado River are a concern every year. Because of its dynamic growth, more and more concrete has been poured in the Austin metro area, contributing to increasingly large flood runoffs during storms.  

Southwest Insurance Center, Serving Austin, Texas

If you own a home or business in the Austin metro area, speak with the team at Southwest Insurance Center today about getting flood insurance. Southwest Insurance center is a one-stop independent insurance agency covering all aspect of home, auto, commercial and other insurance needs.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

On a homeowners policy, it covers you if someone were on your property and fell down your stairs. This bucket of money or personal liability limit would cover the injured party’s trip the hospital, additional doctor bills and so on. Imagine you had a pool in your backyard and decided to host a block party. During this party, your neighbors’ wife fell into the pool, drown and had to be airlifted to the nearest hospital. Common underlying liability coverages of $100,000, $300,000 or even $500,000 would not be enough to cover the high costs of this type of medical treatment, and you would be responsible for making up the difference out of pocket, or possibly in a lawsuit.

This works in the same manner for auto insurance; if you have the required underlying limits for the umbrella policy, it will kick in once your primary limits have been used up. The umbrella will pay up to the policy limit described on the declarations page.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need?

When considering the amount of coverage you need, think about three things:

The hazards you may encounter. Review the jeopardies as a homeowner or renter, the chance of causing an accident during your daily work commute, and any other possibly dangerous activities you engage in that could put those around you at risk. Are you an avid boater? Causing a boating accident would be something that falls under the umbrella policy as well.

The value of all of your possessions. These assets include properties, belongings in your home, stocks, bonds, savings and retirement funds. Your umbrella policy limits should reflect the amount of stuff you have to protect, the more possessions, the higher the limit should be.

Are you up for to risking future income? Probably not. But did you know that liability lawsuits can result in the loss of stuff you have now and money you haven’t even earned yet?  Even if you have few assets now, may want to think long-term about the implications of a major loss.

When thinking about your future earnings, consider your earning potential.  If you are on the fast track for a high-paying career, you could be part of a lawsuit that targets money you have only dreamed of earning.

If you think you may need an umbrella policy, but have questions and are in or around the Austin, TX area give Southwest Insurance Center a call. 

Is RV Insurance Necessary in Texas?

RVs are now a very popular purchase in Austin, TX and across the state in general. Many people of all ages are finding that this type of vehicle offers a lot more options when it comes to traveling than traditional modes of transportation, but there remains some confusion over applicable insurance laws. So is RV Insurance required in Texas? The truth is a little complicated. RVs that are driven by themselves will need their own insurance policy, but those that are attachments to other vehicles can often be covered under that vehicle’s policy (albeit usually through an attachment or extension). If the vehicle is being leased or financed, the dealership or rental company will usually require full insurance coverage to protect what is still legally theirs, but if you are the owner, you will at the very least need to be able to cover damages inflicted to others in the event of an accident. 

Do You Own an ‘RV’? 

It can sometimes be confusing as to what is defined as an “RV”, especially if you do not own a traditional-looking one. In the legal sense, the term “recreational vehicle” actually covers a rather wide range of vehicles and vehicle components that usually have some type of living quarters. This includes (but may not be limited to) trailers, motorhomes, caravans, truck campers, pop-up campers and fifth-wheel trailers. If you’re still unclear as to whether or not your vehicle needs to be covered with RV insurance, the experts at Southwest Insurance Center can help. 

Taking the Next Step

Southwest Insurance Center serves Austin, TX and surrounding areas. To expedite the insurance process, it is wise to have your driving history on hand, as well as an idea of where you might be driving your RV. When you’re ready, please feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your RV before you embark on that next great adventure.