4 Important Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance

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Important Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance

Accidents often happen in life. However, sometimes they are more serious than initially anticipated. If you are responsible for a serious accident, your assets may be at risk if you don’t have enough liability coverage. This is where umbrella insurance takes over. Umbrella insurance covers you once you have reached the liability limits on your policy. Umbrella insurance provides multiple benefits.

Protects Your Vehicle

Imagine you are traveling out of Austin, TX and you accidentally hit another vehicle. Perhaps your teenage driver is ready to start driving independently, and they cause a collision. These are common cases where your assets may be at risk if you don’t have umbrella insurance.

Protects Your Home

If you have an accessory such as a swimming pool at your home, one minor accident could have fatal consequences. If someone is seriously injured while using your pool, umbrella insurance will cover you.

Protects Your Business

If you are operating a consulting business, you could get sued for slander. Umbrella insurance will help you protect your investment.

Protects Your Integrity

If you serve on the Board Of Directors for a nonprofit organization, umbrella insurance covers you against potential allegations of misconduct.

Southwest Insurance Center Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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How to Deal with Aggressive Drivers on the Road

Regardless of how careful you are when you slide behind the wheel of your vehicle, an accident can be caused by an aggressive driver in Austin, TX. You can control the way others drive, although you can control the way you decide to drive. You can also make the decision as to how you will approach these drivers, such as staying as far away from these motorists as possible. Southwest Insurance Center wants to share some tips on how to deal with aggressive drivers on the road.

Keep an Eye on the Road

More often than not, an aggressive driver can be spotted from afar. They may be following extremely close to other vehicles, or they may be weaving in and out of the traffic. By spotting them before they get too close, you can deal with them more efficiently.

For example, you may switch lanes so they have plenty of room to get around you, or you may increase or decrease your speed to either reduce or increase a gap they may try to weave through. In either instance, it can help prevent the risk of a serious collision.

Avoid Engaging with the Other Motorist

It isn’t uncommon for aggressive drivers to engage in behavior trying to provoke reactions from other drivers. They may get in front of you and break hard, or they may make obscene gestures at you. While you may be extremely agitated at this driver, it is important to avoid escalating the situation. Breathe deeply, stay calm, and remain focused on your surroundings. Never engage with aggressive drivers, regardless of how upset you may be.

Leave Ample Space Between You and Other Vehicles

When there is any kind of change in the traffic around you, you need sufficient time to respond. To ensure this is possible, you want plenty of space around your vehicle. This helps to prevent accidents, especially if another driver decides to cut in front of you suddenly. If someone is tailgating you, change lanes. If a driver cuts in front of you, slow down to leave more space between your vehicle and theirs.

One of the best ways to protect yourself on Austin, TX roads is by ensuring you have the proper auto insurance. If you need help securing the right insurance coverage, contact us at Southwest Insurance Center.

Texas Auto Insurance Claims: Can You Get Your Own Mechanic After a Collision?

Yes, you can get your own mechanic after a collision, but sometimes it is better not to.

When you have been in a collision, you will want to get your car repaired. Some people don’t, and if you can still drive it that is something you may be considering. If the insurance company will pay for the damages, they may offer you a number of options when it comes to repairing shops. 

At Southwest Insurance Center, we want Austin, TX drivers to have safe and reliable vehicles on Texas roads.  Learn more about car repair options here.

Claims Process After an Accident

When you have had a car accident, the first thing to do when the accident scene is over is to call the insurance company. You will start the claims process then.

If you have collision insurance, you will fill out a form or submit one online. You will then make the decision about your car repair. 

The insurance company will likely recommend a car repair shop, and it may be different than your usual mechanic. You don’t have to say yes, but there are benefits to considering this.

Choosing the Insurance Company’s Repair Shop

You don’t have to get your car repaired at all. That alone is your decision. But if you do, working with the insurance company is a good idea. You won’t lose your insurance if you don’t.

It is a natural inclination to want to use your regular mechanic for everything, including a car accident. However, the insurance company will likely recommend one that they are familiar with working with.

Preferred companies with the insurance company are typically better rated and better priced. They are often more honest than the traditional mechanic as well because they will likely have more regulations in place than a corner shop mechanic. 

Their mechanic will also be in direct communication with them as well. This is going to help you with the claims process. Ultimately, the entire repair process is much faster than it would be if you went to your corner shop.

Get a Quote

When you have been in a car accident, there are enough overwhelming details to think about that the repair process will feel stressful. It doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to select that mechanic. It’s easier though. At Southwest Insurance Center, we want Austin, TX drivers to have the best coverage and safe cars. Call us for a quote to update your Texas auto insurance policy today.

5 Tips for Preventing a Fire in Your Home

House fires account for thousands of deaths each year and billions of dollars in property damage annually. It only takes roughly 30 seconds for a very small flame to turn into a significant blaze. Therefore, it is important that Austin, TX homeowners be familiar with how to prevent a fire in their homes. Here are a few tips that the team at Southwest Insurance Center wants to share.

Test the Smoke Alarms

Once per month, you should take the time to test your smoke alarms with the simple push of a [test] button. If it doesn’t sound or the batteries are 10 years old, replace them. You may even want to ensure you have the appropriate number of fire alarms throughout the homes as advised by the U.S. Fire Administration.

Identify Potential Household Fire Hazards

Your home is full of fire hazards, probably more than you realize. While you can’t do much about the oven, other than not leaving it unattended, there are others you can locate and remove or evaluate.

If you use a toaster frequently, make sure to shake it out regularly to get the crumbs out, as they spark easily. Dust is commonly flammable, especially if there is a buildup around an electrical outlet. Make sure to unplug hair straighteners, curling irons, and the like, as they can reach high temperatures if left plugged in and on. Candles may smell great, but they are very dangerous if left where a child or pet could knock them over.

Practice Safe Candle Use

Speaking of candles, they are a common cause of home fires. In fact, they result in more than 20 home fires every single day. However, more than three-fourths of those fires are completely preventable. Make sure you are using candles safely.

Inspect the Sources of Heat

Your furnace should be professionally serviced each year to ensure it’s working properly. Because if it’s not, it could result in an unnecessary fire. If a space heater is being used in the home, keep it away from flammable items, furniture, curtains, etc. If you’re using a wood-burning fireplace, have the chimney inspected and cleaned each year.

Store Combustible Materials Safely

It is imperative that any flammable materials are stored in a safe manner, which means away from the heat! Whether it is garden supplies, cleaning supplies, hairspray, or something else that is flammable, they should be kept in a cool, dark storage area. Kerosene, gasoline, and propane should be kept in their original containers outdoors.

Even with precautions in place, a fire may still occur. To ensure you are prepared and protected, make sure you have the proper home insurance. Contact us today to learn more. Southwest Insurance Center serves the Austin, TX area and can help you determine the proper amount and type of coverage for your situation.

Why Do I Need Auto Insurance in Austin?

Drivers in Austin, TX should maintain a personal auto insurance plan for many reasons. As a Texas resident, you know how busy the roads are and how much traffic there is on a daily basis. An auto insurance policy protects you as a driver anytime you’re on the road.

Southwest Insurance Center can not stress enough the importance of having a full coverage auto insurance policy. It’s the peace of mind you need anytime you get in the car, whether you’re headed out on your morning commute, to the grocery store, on a long road trip, or anywhere in between. 

Not only does auto insurance protect you from other drivers, but it also provides liability coverage if you’re in an accident and you are at fault. If anyone is injured in the accident, liability coverage will typically cover the costs of their medical bills.

An accident is already traumatic enough, but trying to come up with large sums of money to pay for damage or repair to a vehicle along with medical bills is not a situation you want to be in. If you can avoid it entirely by purchasing a full coverage auto insurance plan, be proactive and save yourself the headache.

Not to mention auto insurance is required by law in Austin, TX and most states in the country. Your insurance policy may cover additional features like rental cars, which can be a great benefit if you travel. 

If you aren’t sure about the coverage you need or want to shop around for better options, reach out to Southwest Insurance Center today. We have a team of agents ready to help you find the best plan for your driving needs and for reassurance that you’re safe on the road. 

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance in Austin, TX?

If you have protected yourself with auto, boat, and home insurance, you will be surprised if someone tells you that you need more coverage. The truth is that as you grow in life, your responsibilities and financial status change, putting you at a greater risk. And for this reason, you need coverage like umbrella insurance from Southwest Insurance Center to protect you.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

But isn’t umbrella insurance for the rich and famous only? While it’s true that umbrella insurance protects persons with a significant asset base, this coverage is suitable for anyone earning a livelihood. Because we live in a litigious society, you don’t have to wait until you reach the one-million-dollar mark for you to start investing in umbrella insurance. You can start today and continue increasing coverage as your situation changes.

But because situations aren’t the same for everyone, some people need umbrella insurance more than others because they are at a greater risk of being sued. You need umbrella insurance immediately if you:

  • Own a business: Businesses come with significant risks, including property damage, bodily injury, and advertising injury that can exceed your typical business insurance coverage.
  • Own a pet that can cause injury: If you own certain dog breeds that can bite, you need umbrella insurance to protect you when your pet inflicts damage to a third party.
  • Participate in high-risk hobbies: If you undertake hobbies like hunting, surfing, or skiing, you need umbrella insurance because the chance of you inflicting injuries to others is high.
  • Are a landlord: You need umbrella insurance to protect yourself from tenants’ liabilities that can be cost-prohibitive.
  • Coach youth sports: If your trainees sustain injuries during training sessions, you could face expensive legal suits that wipe away your assets.

Buy umbrella insurance today!

Would you like to boost your auto, boat, or home insurance today? Please invest in umbrella insurance from Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX.

Benefits of RV Insurance

Taking a trip with your family in an RV is a great experience that most people look forward to. And while an RV can be a great entertainment asset, it also comes with a few responsibilities for the owner. For those residing in Austin, TX, making sure you have insured your RV is essential. As Southwest Insurance Center explains, here are some benefits of insuring your RV.

Protecting Your Assets

Buying an RV is a significant investment. If anything were to happen to it, you would be set back financially. That is why you should protect it through insurance. When you purchase insurance, depending on the policy, you will protect not only the RV but also the contents inside. Therefore, if you get into an accident and the RV is damaged, or someone breaks in and steals the contents, you do not have to worry about the cost of repairs or replacing items.

Provides Liability Protection

You should be aware that every time you are on the road, there is the risk of liability you are exposed to. You may get into an accident and damage another car or someone’s property. When you purchase RV insurance, you get liability protection which helps cover the cost of damages if you were at fault.  

Peace of Mind

A drive in your RV is supposed to be fun where everyone is having a good time, and that is what buying insurance promises you. You do not have to drive your RV, worrying that if anything happens on the road, you will have to take care of the resulting expenses. Your insurance policy covers that.

Austin, TX RV owners can enjoy these benefits by reaching out to Southwest Insurance Center to discuss the different types of coverage available in the market. Contact us today for assistance on how to protect your RV.

What to look for in auto insurance

Auto insurance is of the utmost importance, but the important facts can often be overlooked in order to find the cheapest price possible. Below you can find some information on what to look for in auto insurance, so you can make sure you make the right choice. 

Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX is proud to offer auto insurance plans to Texas residents. They work with several providers to provide the best possible options for you and your car.

Insurance in Texas

Auto insurance requires different specifications in different states. Therefore, it is crucial you get insurance suitable to the policies set out in Texas state laws. For example, Texans need liability insurance that covers damage to vehicles and persons. 


The area you live in is important when collecting quotes for auto insurance. The reason for this is that certain areas are more prone to car break-ins or other car-related crimes. 

Parking rates

While you can’t insure in order to get the best parking rates, the parking rates in your area can still be important when looking for insurance quotes. However, the car-related crime rates in your area influence where someone wants to park, which makes the difference between street parking and parking in car parks, which then affects insurance rates.

At Southwest Insurance Center you will be provided with several quotes, so you will know that the final price you land on is accurate for your car and location. If you want to get auto insurance or receive a quote, call Southwest Insurance Center today.

Boat Insurance Basics

Owning a boat in Austin, TX takes a bit of work and a lot of responsibility. However, all the hard work and responsibility are worth it when you get the boat out onto the water and spend a day with friends and family. To help protect you against paying high costs of repairs or medical bills for injuries from an accident, you should carry boaters insurance. The agents at Southwest Insurance Center understands the need for boat insurance and are ready to help get you the coverage you need. 

Small Craft Coverage

Small crafts, such as any watercraft with an engine less than a 25-mile per hour horsepower, small sailboats, and canoes, might be covered under your primary homeowners or renters insurance policy. Liability coverage is typically not included, but some endorsements can be added to your existing policy to provide you full coverage. 

Larger Boats

Larger and faster boats, such as yachts and speedboats, require a separate insurance policy. Your boaters insurance policy will cover physical damage to the boat, property damage if you hit another object, theft, and medical payments. Boat insurance policies have deductibles and caps on their payouts. Purchasing an umbrella insurance policy can help pay for any money owed over the cap of your insurance policy. 

Boat Insurance Coverage

Boat insurance coverage varies by policy, but most policies cover the following: 

  • Physical damage to the boat
  • Theft of the boat
  • Bodily injury to others than the boat owner
  • Damage caused to someone else’s property
  • Medical payment for injuries
  • Guest passenger liability
  • Trailer or boat accessories
  • Theft of belongings
  • Towing in the event of an accident

Those with a boat in Austin, TX should reach out to Southwest Insurance Center to learn more about their boater’s insurance options. 

Is Life Insurance Mandatory in Texas?

No one likes contemplating about their life ending abruptly. But the truth of the matter is that death is inevitable and unpredictable. When your demise strikes, you will want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved ones get formidable care. Life insurance is a vital coverage that ensures that your family and loved ones don’t grapple with financial hardships upon your untimely demise. Contact our agents at Southwest Insurance Center serving Austin, TX and its environs, and they can assist with all your life insurance needs.

Is life insurance mandatory in Texas?

Life insurance is not mandatory in Texas. However, it’s prudent as an Austin TX resident, to buy life insurance to cushion your beneficiaries from experiencing any financial burden after your demise. Considering your mortgage and other debts, money to cater to funeral expenses, and tuition fees for your kids, it’s a wise decision to procure life insurance. There are life insurance coverage options in Austin TX which are vital to avert stress upon a policy holder’s demise. They include:

Term life insurance

This form of policy lasts for a specified period you set with your insurance agent at the onset of the policy. This term period could be ten years or twenty years, depending on which meets your needs. This type of policy comes to a halt at the end of whatever period you choose, but there is room for renewal at a higher premium rate.

Permanent life insurance

This policy lasts for a long spell without expiry, as the name suggests. This form of policy guarantees a specific payment on the amount you invest in your policy, and you can consider borrowing it later if you are still alive to settle your issues like paying a debt. This policy provides lifetime coverage as long as you submit your premiums consistently.

Universal life insurance

It’s similar to term life insurance. This type of policy matures after a specified period, but you can pay a premium that will maintain your death benefit in place. It also provides a savings account that can be utilized by your family and loved ones in the future.

Do you want to get spectacular life insurance that suits your family and loved ones best in Austin, TX? Please get in touch with our dedicated agents at Southwest Insurance Center to get your policy as soon as possible.