All You Need To Know About The Differences Between Premium and Regular Gas

When you are filling up your gas tank, you have likely noticed that there is more than one option for gas. While many people know that they have other options for gas, they usually do not know the basic differences between premium and regular gas. Before counting premium gas out when you are filling up your tank, take some time to learn the basic differences so you can make an educated decision about your gas. Continue reading to learn some and contact us at Southwest Insurance Center for all of your auto insurance needs.

  • Make sure you know whether or not you can use premium gas in your vehicle. Some cars cannot handle premium gas so if you cannot even use premium gas in your car, then you do not need to consider it no matter what. You could run the risk of doing a lot more harm than good to the engine of your vehicle. You can find this information in your car’s manual.
  • If you have an older car that is having some engine issues, you may want to use premium gas a few times to see if it can help the issue. Premium gas can clear up some if the crud and gunk in the engine and may even fix the issue for you.
  • For cars that can use premium gas, it is a great option because it has additives in it that will keep your engine valves clean as well as the engine injectors. This can help you save money on maintenance costs over the long term and can even allow your engine to have a longer life than if you were to use regular gas. It can help you take better care of your vehicle with these additives.