An Overview Of Dwelling Fire Insurance

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Dwelling Fire Insurance Overview

Sometimes, the South is known for its intense weather. During severe cases of weather, some areas are prone to fire. Whether it is caused by severe weather or just accidentally, a fire has the potential to cause serious damage to your property. While traditional coverage may cover fire damage due to a natural disaster, consider the benefits of dwelling fire insurance. Dwelling fire insurance covers any fire damage that occurs as a result of an accidental fire where you are responsible. The policy also covers any damage to your personal belongings. However, if you have luxury items that suffer fire damage, you may need to amend your policy in order to cover those items.  Dwelling fire insurance also covers you if your home suffers damage due to faulty wiring. You can add liability coverage to this policy so that you will be protected if the fire causes damage to someone else or their property.

Temporary Lodging Coverage

If the fire causes enough damage that your property becomes uninhabitable, you can add temporary lodging coverage to give you a safety net as you find temporary housing in Austin, TX until your property is repaired.

Additional Structures

You can add extra coverage to protect other structures on your property if they suffer damage. This protects you if your garage or trailer suffers fire damage.

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