Common Motorcycle Insurance Add Ons

Whether you’re a regular rider or take to your bike for the occasional joy ride, protecting your motorcycle investment is important. However, far too many owners opt for standard coverage without looking at the different add on’s. These go a long way in protecting not only you but your gear as well. At Southwest Insurance Center, we want to make sure you are properly protected, whether riding in Austin, TX or in other surrounding areas. 

Accessories and Custom Equipment

Do you like to mod your motorcycle? Maybe you have a few accessory additions you’ve installed onto the motorcycle. Did you know these additions and improvements may not be covered with traditional motorcycle insurance. If you’re into outfitting your bike, make sure to consider this kind of common motorcycle insurance add on. 

Carried Contents and Personal Belongings

If you are one to take the bike out for extended road trips, chances are you’ll have a good amount of personal belongings stored both on the bike and even in small trailers. When this is the case, you need to protect your personal belongings with the carried contents insurance options. 

Roadside Assistance

Whether your bike is stuck or it’s disabled, the last thing you want to do is leave it to get help. Motorcycles are too easily stolen to just leave out in the open. Instead, you’re better off to invest in roadside assistance. This helps protect not only the motorcycle but you as well. There are even options here that include lodging and food expenses if your bike needs to see the shop for repairs. 

It doesn’t matter if you live in Austin, TX or in the surrounding communities, it is important to protect your motorcycle and yourself at the same time. At Southwest Insurance Center, you’ll receive assistance identifying the available motorcycle insurance add on’s available to you.