Coverage For Boating Essentials

Obtain coverage for your watercraft and the essentials you depend on when boating. Also, consider upgrading your boat insurance policy through an agent at the Southwest Insurance Center.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance coverage options range from comprehensive policies and standard policies to specialized add-on insurance products. Boat insurance covers both active use of your watercraft—including the essentials stored onboard—and when your boat is dry docked.

Additionally, an insurance policy can include coverage protecting against damage or theft while your watercraft and boating accessories are in tow.


Insuring your boat offers protection against body damage, mechanical failures, theft, and vandalism. It’s recommended that your boat undergo regular inspections, which can identify any cosmetic flaws or mechanical issues that need your attention.

Electrical Components

Items like lighting, dashboard materials, and other fixtures installed within your boat may utilize electrical components.

Your boat insurance policy can cover all these materials. In the case of electrical failures, the coverage will shoulder the cost to repair or replace the faulty electrical materials.


The furnishings within your boat are susceptible to water damage, theft, and vandalism. Conducting an annual check on the furnishings can determine their condition. It’s advisable to cover any valuable furnishings with your boat insurance policy.

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