Common Motorcycle Insurance Exclusions

Motorcycle insurance policies typically cover policyholders for liabilities arising from operating their motorcycles, but the coverage does not extend to specific situations called exclusions. As a rider, you should know the situations that limit or disqualify your coverage. If you live in or near Austin, TX, and have any insurance questions, including your policy’s exclusions, contact us at the Southwest Insurance Center for assistance.

Common Motorcycle Insurance Exclusions

All insurance policies and their corresponding rates carry certain assumptions about risk. To limit the insurer’s risk, policies often do not cover the policyholder whose liabilities occur while engaged in high-risk or illegal activities. You should review your policy’s exclusions with your agent to ensure you understand how your behavior can affect your coverage. For example, policies generally do not cover liabilities that occur when:

  • Committing a crime
  • Riding recklessly
  • Under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance 
  • Causing deliberate damage to others’ property
  • Participating In organized races and timed events
  • Transporting passengers or delivering products for hire

In addition to the above items, policies often require you to name the individuals authorized to ride your bike. Your coverage becomes invalid if you lend your motorcycle to someone not named in the policy.

Every policy has exclusions, so you should review them with your agent to confirm you understand and accept them, or you may need to find an alternative or supplemental policy. For example, buying a separate race day or commercial vehicle policy is advisable if you plan to make deliveries with your motorcycle.

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