Life Insurance For Single Parents

At Southwest Insurance Center of Austin, TX, we address misperceptions about life insurance almost daily.

There are misperceptions about how expensive life insurance may be (it is not), how difficult it may be to qualify (it is easy), or when the best time to buy it may be (the younger you are, the more affordable it will likely be).

Another set of misperceptions involves who does and who does not need life insurance. One such misperception is that single parents don’t need life insurance. The opposite may actually be true.

If The Other Parent is Out of The Picture

For one reason or another, the other parent may not be an option to take over childcare. That responsibility may be on another family member. Life insurance can help provide a better lifestyle for any children and help relieve a financial burden from a family member.

Covering Final Expenses

Life insurance can cover final funeral or burial expenses and take care of any remaining personal debts.

Help Provide for a Future Education

Enough life insurance coverage can help ensure a future college education for a child left behind. It can be a selfless gift of love that pays dividends far into the future.

Are You a Single Parent? Get a Life Insurance Quote Today.

Being a single parent is not easy. There can be difficult decisions, and making the effort to secure a child’s future through life insurance may be one of them.

Contact us at Southwest Insurance Center of Austin, TX, for a free quote today. You may want to start with a smaller policy and add to it as time and resources permit.

Don’t let a misperception stop you from being your best. We are here to help.