Does Flood Insurance Cover Burst Dams?

There are a large number of Austin, TX dams that, while generally safe, could burst and cause severe floods. We’ve seen this problem happen at Southwest Insurance Center, and want to protect you from this danger by providing high-quality flood insurance.

Dams are Not Considered in Flood Risk Assessment

Flood maps are drawn up by FEMA to gauge parts of a city or county that are the highest risk of floods. These are based on the location of rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds, and the intensity of rain in an area. However, FEMA does not take the location of dams into account when drawing up these maps.

As a result, somebody who lives near a dam may be, technically, in a low risk area. However, a burst dam will cause severe and life-threatening flooding throughout an area. As a result, anybody living near these areas needs to look into flood insurance right away.

Floods Caused By Dams are Covered 

Flood insurance typically doesn’t limit what kinds of floods that it covers. The only types that it usually doesn’t include are those caused by a homeowner’s negligence. Therefore, flood insurance will pay to repair damage caused by a burst dam. 

This type of coverage will pay for essential items in the home, such as the electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. They also help pay for appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers. Carpets, window treatments, and other types of permanent items are also covered. Personal property is also included, including clothing and much more. 

Find the Coverage That You Need

If you live downstream from a dam in Austin, TX and are worried about what will happen if it bursts, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Southwest Insurance Center. Our experts will find you a flood insurance policy that meets your needs and provides you with a maximum level of protection.