Does my motorcycle insurance cover all my motorcycle accessories?

Austin, TX motorcycle riders have to carry a minimum amount of insurance. The most important part of your insurance is the part that will help cover medical bills if there is an accident. However, minimum coverage will only cover what is stated in the policy. You can speak with Southwest Insurance Center about other kinds of coverage to get additional protection.

Accessories Coverage

There are a lot of ways to individualize your ride. Riding a motorcycle is fun; additional accessories can make your ride more fun, safe, and comfortable. Some of those accessories can be expensive, and you can protect your assets in case of an accident, vandalism, or theft.

Accessories coverage is an addition to your regular motorcycle insurance. If you already have comprehensive and collision coverage, you may already have a few thousand dollars of accessories coverage. If you need more, you can get an additional policy.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

You might want to consider these additional protections if you don’t already have them. If you only have minimal coverage in Austin, TX, you will be out of pocket for anything that happens that is not included in your insurance. Minimal coverage only protects the victims if they are at fault in an accident.

Comprehensive and collision coverage will also protect you. Collision coverage will protect you and your vehicle if you crash into someone or something. Comprehensive coverage will help if you are ever the victim of theft, vandalism, animal damage, or damage from weather events. 

You have the right to tailor your insurance policy so that you have protection you are comfortable with. If you are in the area of Austin, TX, and have any questions about motorcycle insurance, please feel free to call Southwest Insurance Center today.