Does My RV Insurance Cover My Motor Home if I Put It In Storage?

As much as we would like to, we can’t travel all of the time. This means that our RV probably spends a few months each year in storage. The agents of Southwest Insurance Center serve residents living in Austin, TX and assist them in making sure their RV is protected whether you have it out on the road or neatly tucked away in storage. Keeping your insurance coverage intact while your RV is in storage is very beneficial.

What Your Policy Covers

Most RV insurance policies cover your RV no matter where it is. If you are traveling, you’re covered. If it has been put in storage, your coverage will remain in place unless you choose to cancel it.

Storage Insurance

Since you won’t be putting your RV on the road, you may be able to lower your costs by choosing a policy that has a storage option. With storage insurance, your liability coverage drops because you will not be using your RV to camp or putting it on the road. Once you take it out of storage, you will need to notify your agent so the liability can be put back into effect.

Who’s Responsible?

Most storage facilities have a policy in place that will cover damage to RVs on their property if an event happens on the property that is not the RV owner’s fault.

If you own an RV and live in Austin, TX, call the agents of Southwest Insurance Center and talk to them about their RV insurance policies. They can find the right policy to cover all of your recreational and RV insurance needs.