Everyday Trash Items: What to Recycle

In today’s world, recycling household items are a daily part of people’s lives but what some don’t realize is that a majority of what is thrown away into the garbage can be recycled. It’s easy to get confused as to what you can and cannot recycle but with a bit of knowledge, recycling can be easy.

Paper Items
Each day, cards, coupons, and junk mail is received and barely looked at.  Instead of them throwing them into the trash, throw them in the recycling bin.  Newspapers, magazines, phonebooks, and office paper are other weekly items that can be recycled as well as the plastic or brown paper bags that are used to carry groceries.

Cans and Jars
The cans your soup, vegetables, and coffee comes in are also all recyclable.  All soda cans are also recyclable. All glass jars can be recycled and should be rinsed out of any food remnants before putting into a recycling bin.  Cooking glass, such as Pyrex pans, cannot be recycled as well as the single-use plastic coffee pods that are now used in many newer machines.

Food Containers
Plastic or cardboard milk and juice containers, egg cartons, and thin cardboard boxes that hold mixes or cereal can be recycled. Surprisingly, the plastic cereal box liner, mesh bags that hold oranges, and clear plastic containers that hold strawberries and/or other fruit cannot be recycled.  

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