How RV Insurance Is Different From Auto Insurance

A recreational vehicle policy is similar to a regular auto policy in some ways, but there are also many differences between them. It’s important to have a policy specific to RVs. Call us at Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX if you have an RV and need coverage.

Your RV Class

An RV policy is written for the class of RV that you have. The classes are A, B, and C. Each corresponds to a different size and style of RV. Once the class of your RV has been determined, you will need to have liability coverage for your RV. This works similarly to the liability coverage in regular auto policies. Texas generally requires people to have liability insurance coverage in their auto and RV policies. Other types of coverage often work differently from auto insurance. 

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

When you’ve caused an accident, your own vehicle’s damage must be covered. You invested a lot into your RV, so make sure you protect it. For RVs, various types of coverage for personal belongings and equipment may be inside it. RVs typically have many personal items inside them, such as furniture and electronics. There may also be extra equipment like a speaker system, appliances, etc. These all need coverage, which you can get from your collision coverage. RVs aren’t just in danger on the road. Comprehensive coverage pays for things that can happen to an RV when it isn’t being driven on the road. 

Get RV Insurance in Austin, TX

Protect your investment with an RV insurance policy. For more information, call Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX.