Should I Add a Second Car to My Auto Insurance Policy?

Many people have more than one car. When you get a second car, the question often comes up whether it is a wise idea to add the second vehicle to the first automobile insurance policy. That may or may not be the best solution.

When is a separate auto insurance policy a good idea?

Here are some things to consider:

Authorized Drivers: If there will be different driver’s who are authorized to drive each vehicle, it may be better to have a separate auto insurance policy for each one. If one of the authorized driver is very young, such as a teenager, it is likely better to restrict that driver to a lower-valued automobile and have a separate policy.

Use of the Vehicles: If there is any commercial use of one vehicle but not the other one, the policies need to be separate. If a vehicle will tow something, like a boat on a trailer, it may need to have a separate policy and additional coverage for what it tows.

Value of the Vehicles: If there is a significant difference in the value of the vehicles, perhaps having separate policies for them is a better way to protect a very valuable one with more comprehensive coverage.

Coverage and Deductibles: Some insurance companies apply the same coverage and deductible to all the vehicles under one policy. Others allow for these amounts to differ. This may affect your decision.

Specialty Autos: Vintage or antique vehicles need separate auto insurance.

Your Agent Will Help You Decide

There are many reasons why having separate auto insurance for more than one vehicle makes perfect sense. Work with your agent at Southwest Insurance Center, serving Austin TX and the nearby area, to get adequate coverage that is the best fit.

Your agent will check the quotes for the insurance with different insurance companies and compare them with the vehicles combined or separate and then give you a recommendation of the best options.

Call to speak with your agent at Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX to get an auto insurance review and a quote for new auto insurance coverage.