Things you should always carry with you in your vehicle

Having the right things in your vehicle at all times ensures you are not caught up short. In Austin, TX, you need to consider the heat as well as the laws of the state of Texas. At Southwest Insurance Center, we are independent agents, providing personalized service and more choices. 

Your vehicle registration and insurance card

Your registration in Texas is a sticker on your car window, so make sure you attach it. The insurance card or proof of financial responsibility should be in your glove box where it is safe. If you get in an accident or are pulled over for any reason, you will be in compliance with the law. 

Your driver’s license 

Most people carry their driver’s license in their wallet, and that will be in your pocket or purse. Keeping it safe is vital since it is a form of ID. 

Your auto club membership

If you have a problem with your vehicle, you will need to carry your auto club membership card so that you have the phone number to call for assistance. This provides a degree of security, knowing you won’t be stranded without resources. 

A spare tire, jack, and can of Fix-a-Flat.

It doesn’t take much to cause your tire to go flat. The first thing to try is Fix-a-Flat, and if that doesn’t work, you can change your flat tire, or you can call someone to come and change your tire, you do need to have the tire for them to put on. 

If you live in or near Austin, TX, we are happy to offer you the benefit of our experience. Contact Southwest Insurance Center today for the best and most affordable auto insurance coverage. 

How Can Life Insurance Benefit The Living Insured?

It’s a most misunderstood tenet of life insurance that it only pays out when the insured passes on. Actually, "life" insurance means for your life. 

We mean that those insured can enjoy the benefits of a life insurance policy during their lifetime without touching the death benefits. From using the policy as collateral on a loan to using it to pay for long-term care, life insurance policies are about life and death.

For What Could You Use The Money?

The policy’s cash value reverts to insurance companies such as Southwest Insurance Center upon the insured’s passing. If you don’t use the money, you’ll lose it. 

For example, assisted living isn’t the only expense seniors face as they age. In-home nursing care, adult day care, and nursing homes are just a few examples of the uses to which life insurance monies can be put.

What You Should Know About Life Insurance

There are ways to customize or optimize a life insurance policy to suit the changing needs of the insured:

  • A waiver of premium rider removes the policyholder’s need to make premium installments if the insured becomes disabled.
  • A disability income amendment pays the insured monthly if the insured can’t work for a long time due to a debilitating injury.
  • If the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness, an accelerated death benefit endorsement permits the insured to claim the complete death benefit. 
  • A portion of the accelerated death benefit amendment is the long-term care endorsement that can pay for nursing, long-term care homes, and nurse’s aides for at-home care.

Losing a parent or spouse in Austin, TX, or anywhere else is devastating. Southwest Insurance Center is here to mitigate the devastation with life insurance. Give us a call or drop in the office to learn more about it.

Protecting Your Smart Home: How Home Insurance Adapts to Modern Technology

In Austin, TX, more homeowners are integrating smart technology into their homes. Southwest Insurance Center offers homeowners the comprehensive insurance coverage they need for smart homes.

You Still Need Home Insurance Basics

Home insurance, at its core, offers financial protection to homeowners against potential risks such as fires, theft, or property damage. It typically covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home and its possessions in the event of such occurrences. A standard home insurance policy in Austin, TX, generally consists of four key components.

  1. Dwelling coverage protects the physical structure of your home, such as walls, roofs, and floors.
  2. Personal property coverage compensates for losing personal belongings within the house, including furniture, electronics, and clothing.
  3. Liability protection covers legal expenses if someone gets injured on your property and decides to sue.
  4. Additional living expenses (ALE) cover the cost of living arrangements if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.

Smart Home Insurance Coverage 

The value of a smart home goes beyond its conventional structure. Smart devices control your home’s security, appliances, temperature, lighting, entertainment, and more. This brings convenience but also added value and risk. That’s why your home insurance policy needs to cover these devices.

Homeowners invest their hard-earned money into installing smart devices, making it crucial to consider these costs when setting policy limits. This ensures they can easily replace these devices in the event of a claim. Don’t hesitate to discuss this with your insurance agent in case they overlook mentioning it directly while determining the policy limit.

If you’re an Austin, TX homeowner with a smart home, contact Southwest Insurance Center to ensure your home insurance policy evolves with your home.



What Is Commercial Agribusiness?

If you were the official grower of Green Giant green beans, then you’d probably be an Austin, TX company by now. As such, you’d need commercial insurance to cover company buildings, trucks, property, worker’s comp for employees, and much more. Here at Southwest Insurance Center, we know what you need to be commercially protected. Here’s why.

What Is Commercial Agribusiness Insurance?

Insurance is about the financial end of accidents and misfortunes. Commercial agribusiness insurance covers equipment mishaps, crop disasters leading to decreased income, liability, and more:

  • Buildings and their contents
  • The grounds and personal property
  • Crops, trees, flowers, and seeds
  • Livestock including poultry
  • General liability

Should You Get Commercial Agribusiness Insurance?

Yes. If you own a vineyard, for instance, and bottle your own brand of wine, then you need commercial agribusiness insurance. You need it to sell grape juices, jams, and jellies. Do you fish to sell your shrimp, oysters, and lobsters to local restaurants and grocery stores? Insurance would be a good idea. Do you slaughter your livestock, process it, and sell it? You need insurance. Do you put up tomatoes, beans, berries, and other produce? Do you sell what’s left over to Austin, TX stores after you provide for family needs? You need insurance.

What About Farmers With On-Site Traffic?

Farmers and ranchers who allow the public to pick corn, apples, strawberries, and pumpkins in October or pet the baby livestock on their property are open to different types of trouble. General liability insurance doesn’t cover this kind of thing, so ask us if there is a rider or umbrella policy that you can buy to protect your farm.

Agribusiness is a maze for which you need protection. We’ve listed a few things here, but please drop in or call Southwest Insurance Center to learn more about commercial agribusiness insurance.

Why does an Austin RV owner need to have an RV insurance plan?

Investing in an RV can be an excellent idea for those in the Austin, TX area. When you are an RV owner in this region, you will have a large vehicle that can be used for road trips, camping, and other excursions. This RV will provide you with a  safe mode of transportation and a comfortable place to sleep at night. As you are looking for an RV, you must also get insurance for it. An RV insurance plan is needed here for various reasons. 

Protect Investment in Asset

A reason to get an RV insurance plan here is to protect your investment in the asset. When you look to purchase an RV in this region, you will be making a significant investment and asset purchase that you will want to enjoy for a long time. With a complete RV insurance plan, you will get the support you need to replace or repair the asset if you incur a loss. 

Comply with Insurance Obligations

The RV insurance plan is also necessary to comply with any insurance obligations. It is very common for RV owners in Texas to take out a loan, and the lender will require that you meet these insurance standards to protect their collateral. You can remain in good standing with such obligations if you carry coverage. 

In the Austin, TX area, having an RV insurance plan is a practical necessity for any owner. When looking for your next RV insurance policy here, it would be ideal to start your search by calling the Southwest Insurance Center. There are a lot of choices to make when looking for this coverage, and our team with the Southwest Insurance Center can provide the guidance you need to select a new plan. 

Why You May Need Umbrella Insurance

Do you have an auto policy and a home policy? If you have both policies, you might not have the coverage you need for serious accidents. It’s essential to be able to pay for an expensive accident that has injuries. Your home and auto policies will each have some liability coverage. However, they might not have very much. Many policies have enough for an accident that doesn’t have expensive injuries. However, many can’t pay for one that does. That’s why you may need umbrella insurance. Call us at Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX to find out more. 

Adding More Coverage

When you already have a home and an auto policy, you add to your coverage by getting umbrella insurance. It adds extra liability coverage to both policies so that you’re far better covered in a serious and expensive accident. With umbrella insurance in place, you can have better peace of mind. You’ll know that even if there is a serious accident, your finances don’t have to be wiped out by it. Trying to pay for an accident when your insurance doesn’t measure up can be highly difficult for most people. 

How It Works

When you have an umbrella policy, it comes in after the first policy does. So, your auto or home policy would respond first to the accident and pay as much as it can toward the accident. Once it reaches its limit, though, it would have to leave the rest to you. When you have umbrella insurance, it comes in to pay for the amount that’s left. Umbrella policies have enormous maximum payouts and don’t cost much money. They’re known for being a cost-effective way to get more coverage. 

Get Umbrella Insurance

Call us at Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX when you need coverage. 


Understanding Motorcycle Accessories Coverage

Riding a motorcycle in Austin, TX, and through the Hill Country is an exhilarating experience but comes with risks and challenges. One such risk is the damage or loss of expensive motorcycle accessories like saddlebags, after-market parts, or customization. Fortunately, motorcycle accessories coverage can also offer insurance up to these extents, protecting you against financial loss. Southwest Insurance Center discusses the coverage options for your motorcycle accessories, how to protect them under an insurance policy, and the considerations for obtaining additional coverage.

What is Motorcycle Accessories Coverage?

Motorcycle accessories coverage is optional insurance that offers financial protection against losing or damaging your motorcycle’s accessories. It can cover a wide range of accessories, including but not limited to customized parts, extra chrome, saddlebags, custom exhaust, and more. This coverage is not included in standard motorcycle insurance policies, so you may opt for it separately.

Get Your Motorcycle Covered Today!

The primary benefit of motorcycle accessories coverage is that it can protect you from financial loss if your accessories get damaged or lost due to an accident, theft, or vandalism. With this coverage, you can rest assured that your investment is protected, and you won’t have to bear the entire cost of replacing or repairing your accessories. Moreover, suppose your accessories, such as a customized exhaust or a navigation system, are essential to your motorcycle’s functionality. In that case, this coverage can help ensure you have the same level of protection on your bike as when you first purchased it.

Motorcycle accessories coverage is an integral part of any motorcycle insurance policy that offers financial protection for your valuable accessories. Interested in learning more? Contact Southwest Insurance Center today for more information. We are here to answer all your questions about motorcycle insurance in Austin, TX.

How to Minimize the Chances Of Your Car Being Broken Into

One of the most common reasons you would need to file a claim with your auto insurance company is that you were involved in an automobile accident. Another common reason you may file a claim is that your vehicle was broken into. While you cannot prevent all burglars and thieves, there are things that you can do to minimize the chances of your car being targeted. Here are some tips brought to you by Southwest Insurance Center, an auto insurance provider in the greater Austin, TX area.

Secure Your Vehicle 

One of the best ways to minimize the chances of your car being broken into is to secure your vehicle. This includes ensuring your doors are locked, your windows are rolled up, and your security alarm, if your vehicle has one, is activated.

Park In Well Lit Areas

Another tip that can help to minimize the chances of your car being broken into is to park in well-lit areas. It is safer for thieves to target vehicles parked in dark areas, as they are less likely to be spotted. Parking under a light in a parking lot or using motion-activated lights in your driveway can help deter thieves.

Be Mindful About What Is Visible In Your Vehicle

Lastly, always be mindful of what is visible in your vehicle. You should never leave items such as money, cell phones, electronics, or shopping bags visible in your vehicle. You want your vehicle to look empty to help minimize the chances of your car being targeted by criminals.

By securing your vehicle, parking in a well-lit area, and being mindful of what is visible in your vehicle, you can minimize the chances of your vehicle being broken into. Unfortunately, though, some thieves will target any vehicle for any reason. As such, it is essential to have auto insurance that protects you in case your car is broken into. Here at Southwest Insurance Center, serving the greater Austin, TX region, we can help you select a policy that meets your needs. Schedule an appointment with one of our auto insurance agents today.

Two Types of Life Insurance

Leaving something behind for your family’s financial benefit is always an intelligent choice. To do this, you need to have a life insurance policy. There are two main types of life insurance that you can pick from. Each of them works a little differently from the other. It’s a good idea to know what each of them is like and how you may benefit from each of them. When you’re ready to get life insurance, call us at Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX to get started.

Whole Life Insurance 

Whole life insurance comes with a lot of great benefits. It’s a type that doesn’t have an expiration date. When you start with a whole life policy, it stays good regardless of age. One reason this type is so popular is that you can keep it your whole life and not worry about outliving the policy. It also comes with another vital benefit. These policies start building a cash value over time. After a few years, there is a cash amount that you can borrow against to take care of a financial emergency. Whole life policies are more expensive than term-life policies, but their benefits keep them a popular choice.

Term Life Insurance 

With term life insurance, it will expire after a certain number of years if the policyholder doesn’t pass away during its term. When a term life policy expires, you are no longer covered by life insurance. However, these policies are generally much more affordable than a whole life policy. These policies often fit into people’s budgets better and make getting a larger amount of insurance coverage possible.

Get All Types Of Life Insurance

Call us at Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX when you need life insurance to help care for loved ones.

Ways to Minimize the Chances of a Fire In Your Home

Here at Southwest Insurance Center, serving the greater Austin, TX area, we have seen far too many house fires. House fires can be devastating, as all of your belongings can be destroyed, and significant damage can be caused to a home. While you cannot prevent every fire from happening, there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of breaking out fire in your home. Here are some of these steps.

Never Leave Flames in Your Home Unattended

One of the ways to minimize the chances of a fire in your home is never to leave flames in your home unattended. Never leave the kitchen when you cook on the stove, never leave a fire in the fireplace unattended, and be sure to blow out candles before leaving the space.

Have Your Home’s Electrical System Inspected Routinely

Faulty electrical systems are a leading cause of home fires. Unfortunately, since most of the electrical system is hidden, you cannot see if there is an issue. This is why it is so important to have your home’s electrical system regularly inspected.

Prevent Fire In Your Home: Clean the Lint Out of Your Dryer

Lastly, take the time to clean the lint out of your dryer and have your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year. Clogged dryer vents are the leading cause of home fires.

Never leaving flames in your home unattended, having your home’s electrical system regularly inspected, and cleaning the lint out of your dryer and dryer vent are a few of the top ways to minimize the chances of a fire happening in your home. However, you cannot prevent all fires from happening. You want to ensure you have an excellent home insurance policy that fully covers you in case a fire does break out. Southwest Insurance Center, serving the greater Austin, TX area, can help you find your ideal home insurance policy. Contact us today to get started.