Do All Texas Homeowners Need Dwelling Fire Insurance?

If you own a home in the Austin, TX area, dwelling fire insurance is essential to protecting one of your life’s biggest financial investments. Wild weather isn’t exactly unheard of in Texas, and there is some level of fire risk no matter where you live. You may be thinking, “If I have homeowner’s insurance, I should be covered in the event of a fire.”

While homeowner’s insurance covers your home in the event of a fire that is not your fault, fire insurance is an extra step of protection for fires caused by cooking accidents, bad wiring, or smoking, where you are technically at fault.

Dwelling Fire Insurance In Austin

The team at Southwest Insurance Center understands how the variations in coverage can be overwhelming, particularly as a new homeowner who wants to fully cover a new investment. We’re happy to help you navigate the options in order to make the best coverage decision for your home.

It’s obvious that a fire can cause serious damage to your home and surrounding property in Austin, TX. Dwelling fire insurance covers damage from a fire that occurs as a result of an accidental fire where you are at fault. The policy also covers any damage to your personal belongings. The peace of mind in knowing that accidents do happen and we can only be so prepared for them is the biggest motivator to invest in dwelling fire insurance.

Whether you have an electrical issue in your home and something sparks, or there’s an accidental cooking disaster that leads to a fire, maintaining a dwelling fire insurance policy will allow you to breathe easier because you know you’re fully covered.

If you’re interested in seeing what dwelling fire insurance we can offer, contact Southwest Insurance Center today. We’re here to help.