Traveling With Dogs? RV Insurance May Be Necessary

Traveling with your pets in Austin, TX is a lot more fun if you have an RV. However, your RV may be damaged by your pet or your cat or dog buddy may suffer from an injury while driving. If you and your pets travel regularly in your RV, contact us at Southwest Insurance Center to get the coverage you need to protect them.

Pet Coverage Was Once An Impossibility

In the past, most RV insurance policies did not cover pets. That’s because they didn’t consider them an important part of the RV. However, a large number of people have demanded an increase in this type of coverage. As a result, many companies have been forced to start offering pet coverage.

Some Policies Now Cover Pet Injuries

The high demand for policy expansion has caused many RV insurance providers to add coverage for pets. These policies usually cover injuries caused to your pets while on the road. In most cases, pet injury coverage does not require a deductible. This makes is a great addition for people who love traveling with their best cat or dog friends.

Pet Damage May Not Be Covered

One problem you might note when buying this type of policy is a lack of pet damage coverage. That’s because pet damage is often considered a problem that you caused, rather than one that occurred independently of you. Even if you didn’t mean for damage to occur or had no malice, many policies don’t pay for damage caused by pets or even other types of animal invasions, such as rats.

Don’t Neglect Your RV Pet Needs

So if you plan on traveling around the Austin, TX in an RV with pets, please contact us at Southwest Insurance Center today. We will work hard to find a coverage type that works for you and will provide a high-quality and comprehensive insurance that fits your needs.