Who Needs Umbrella Insurance in Texas?

Residents of Austin, TX looking for more information on umbrella insurance should keep reading. The team at Southwest Insurance Center has the experience and knowledge to help guide you throughout the process of purchasing umbrella insurance on your already-insured assets that need additional coverage. 

Umbrella insurance is just that – extra coverage. As you build an investment portfolio, purchase a home, investment property, vehicles, boats, other toys, and even run a business… umbrella insurance fills in the blanks where your standard policy may not. 

Why Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance fills in the blanks where you may be at extra risk of getting sued for something. This could be related to a neighborhood issue, a client issue with your business, even an injury sustained by a neighbor from your dog. If you participate in dangerous or risky sports like hunting or surfing, your risk is higher of causing harm to someone else while participating. Umbrella insurance can cover you in these scenarios. 

The beauty of umbrella insurance is you can start small, with a lower amount of coverage, and scale up as you continue to make investments in property, businesses, and other valuable assets. 

The benefits of having umbrella insurance certainly outweigh the cost you are responsible for. While every individual and family is different, the safeguards that umbrella insurance will offer your assets and peace of mind are well worth the cost of coverage. 

If you think umbrella insurance sounds like something that would benefit your lifestyle or your future goals, don’t hesitate to reach out to Southwest Insurance Center today. We’re committed to helping residents of Austin, TX and the surrounding areas navigate insurance and get the coverage that works for them. Contact us today!