Why boat insurance is necessary in Texas

The short answer to why you should have boat insurance in Texas is that it is required by law, similar to auto insurance, according to Southwest Insurance Center, serving Austin, TX. But even if boat insurance were not required, it would still be a good idea.

A motorized boat is a big investment and would cost quite a lot of money to replace if it were to be damaged, either by an accident while on the water or some other event whether it happens on your trailer in your driveway, tied up at a marina, or even being transported to and from your home.

Besides, boat insurance is relatively cheap, just a few hundred dollars a year. The exact cost will depend on the size of the boat, where it typically operates, and other factors. The peace of mind that you’re covered is well worth the cost.

The question therefore arises, what kind of boat insurance should you buy? Collision insurance protects your boat against accident or some other kind of mishap. Comprehensive insurance will cover other things, particularly liability in case you are involved in an accident and are judged to be at fault.  You should also check to see if your policy can cover things like loss of personal items and health care costs resulting from an accident.

A boat that you can take out on the water almost anytime you want can be one of the greatest joys imaginable. Whether you like to fish, or just take the family and friends out on a weekend excursion, a boat is a great vehicle to own.

If you have any more questions about boat insurance, feel free to contact Southwest Insurance Center, serving Austin, TX.