Do You Have Adequate Fire Insurance for Your Dwelling?

Fire insurance is a key part of a comprehensive insurance plan for any dwelling, but when you own structures that are uninhabited the requirements can be different. The team at Southwest Insurance Center is here to help you determine the appropriate level and type of fire insurance for your dwelling in the greater Austin, TX area. Dwelling fire insurance is necessary for clients who own a rental or other investment property in which they do not reside. It is also appropriate for sheds and other outbuildings that are not inhabited. 

Your Homeowners Policy May Not Provide the Fire Insurance Protection That You Need

When you own property, such as a rental unit or another investment property, your homeowner’s policy will likely prove insufficient for adequate coverage. Your homeowner’s policy will cover the structure in which you live, but not other property that you may own but in which you do not reside. The same may also hold true for sheds and other outbuildings that are on your property but are not inhabited.

Don’t be confused about your fire protection! Now is the perfect time to work with your professional insurance agent and review all of your current coverage. Many clients overlook Dwelling Fire Insurance when they review their insurance protection needs. You do not want to be caught without adequate coverage in the event of fire damage to one of your dwellings! Clients who are looking to protect rental units will want to learn more about rental interruption coverage and other policy options that can protect you from loss of income.

Interested in learning more about how Dwelling Fire Insurance can help to protect your Austin, TX area assets? Contact the team at Southwest Insurance Center today to schedule a consultation.