Why Liquor Liability Insurance Makes Sense for Texas Alcohol Servers

It’s no secret that plenty of alcohol gets consumed in the Lone Star State, many of it in sports bars, restaurants, hotels, and social clubs. What you may not know, however, is that just 1 out of every 3 alcohol servers in the state carries liquor liability insurance. This simple omission can turn into big trouble for your dram shop or other business – even as it places extra burdens on your clientele and community. The most obvious hazard in not carrying liquor liability insurance is vulnerability to lawsuits. Take cases like the recent incident in Galveston, in which bartenders who served an intoxicated patron got slapped with charges after the patron caused a fatal car crash. Cases like these frequently lead, not only to criminal prosecution, but also to massive lawsuits from plaintiffs whose lives have been ruined. Contrary to what some might assume from the state’s political climate, Texas is actually one of the more lawsuit-friendly states in these cases. It only takes one multi-million dollar lawsuit to destroy a business – which is why purchasing liquor liability insurance just makes good sense. You’re not only protecting your own establishment from potential ruin; you’re also sparing your customers from the need to sue in the first place because of their overwhelming medical bills. You’re also helping local medical services, which not be able to extend or get recompensed for those services without some form of financial coverage in place. Different insurance have different ways of writing liquor liability coverage. For example, one policy may cover damages related to assault and battery, while another may not. Some force you to pay defense costs out of your insurance limits, while others cover defense costs separately. Don’t just go with the lowest price; ask an insurance expert which coverage options you’ll need in order to protect your business!