Who needs to get boat insurance in Austin?

The Austin, TX area can be a great place to live. Those that are in this area of Texas may find that a great investment to make would be to purchase a boat. While you can use your boat all summer long, it does come with some responsibilities. One of these includes getting boat insurance. There are several situations when you need to have this coverage. 

Those that Have a Loan

One situation in which having boat insurance will be necessary for you is when you have taken out a loan. Getting a boat will always be a big purchase that may need to be done through financing. If you have received a boat loan your lender will want to know that their collateral is protected. In many cases, the boat loan provider will have specific insurance guidelines that need to be met until the loan is repaid.

Those that Want to Use Boat in Private Marinas

In the Austin area, there are a variety of local waterways and private marinas that have specific insurance rules for all boaters. These waterways and marinas require you to have insurance as it ultimately protects both you and all other boat owners in the area. You may be required to provide evidence of coverage from time to time. 

Those that are in the Austin, TX area should make sure that they choose a quality boat insurance plan. When you are looking for a new boat insurance policy, it would be a good idea to call the Southwest Insurance Center. The insurance professionals with the Southwest Insurance Center know how valuable this coverage and protection is. They can then offer a personalized assessment of your situation to help you understand your needs and build a policy that provides proper overage. 

How much life insurance is enough

If questioned, few people would be able to answer how much life insurance is enough. Most people don’t think much about it. They allow their employer to determine the amount they have and just hope it is enough. That is where a trusted independent insurance agent comes in. They get to know you and your needs and can help you to come up with a figure that makes sense. In Austin, TX, that is Southwest Insurance Center. Our philosophy is to help our customers to find exactly what they need at a price they can afford. 

When you think about how much life insurance is enough, you may feel overwhelmed. How can you possibly know how much life insurance will be enough? Certainly, the amount of life insurance you need today may not be the amount you need in 10, 20, or 30 years. Like many parts of your life, it will ebb and flow and you need to grow and change along with it. 

Something to consider is what you want to get from your life insurance. If it is just the death benefit, term life insurance is affordable and can offer all the protection you will need at an affordable price. But at some future date, it will no longer cover you when the term ends. If you want to have coverage for your entire life, whole life insurance will stay with you and offer some other benefits beyond just the death benefit. 

Life insurance is designed to protect your loved ones when you no longer can. If you look at the coverage you have and can feel confident they will be able to live comfortably if you were taken from them, then you have enough life insurance. If you are concerned, talk to your insurance agent about options you should consider. 

Contact Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX for all your insurance needs. We are a one-stop agency with an experienced team to help you. 

3 Common Myths About Commercial Insurance

So your Austin, TX business has finally gained some footing in the local business community, and now you’re ready to call Southwest Insurance Center to get protected. This may be completely new territory for you. You’ve bought car insurance before, you’ve bought home insurance, but this is your first time insuring a business. So let’s take a moment to dispel some common myths:

1. Very Small Businesses Don’t Need Insurance

Whether or not you need insurance isn’t really about how much money you’re taking in or the square footage of your shop, it’s about risk. Your main concern is a liability. If you could potentially be held liable for injury or damages, you need insurance, whether you’re a mom & pop or a Fortune 500.

2. My Home Insurance Will Cover My Home-Based Business

Actually, your home insurance might cancel your policy if they find out you’ve been running a business out of the garage without telling them. Your home insurer may provide some basic coverage for items like laptops and home printers, but they’re not going to cover inventory or most business equipment.

3. All I Need Is General Liability

General liability is perhaps the most important part of your policy, but it only covers you against claims made by others. It doesn’t protect your store, inventory or equipment.

There’s a lot to learn when insuring your business in Austin, TX, but the good news is that Southwest Insurance Center is here to show you the ropes. If you’re ready to invest in a policy or if you just have some questions you’d like answered, get in touch and find a policy that works for your business.

How to create and store a home inventory

Austin is a great place to live. What’s not to like about "The Live Music Capital of the World".  But even in the greatest places, there are risks. About 1 homeowner out of 20 will file a claim every year. Nothing can make filing an insurance claim fun but if you have a home inventory, filing a home insurance claim will be less stressful. At Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX, we are an independent agency locally owned and operated. We take the time to compare our many carriers to find our customers the best deals. 

A home inventory is a listing of the contents of your home. When something happens that requires you to file an insurance claim on your home policy, you may need to provide information to the insurance company about what exactly was damaged or destroyed. When you have just been traumatized by a covered peril, you don’t need the added stress of trying to figure out what is missing. 

You can create a home inventory with a pad, pencil, and something to take photos with. Go through the rooms of your home and list the contents. Include as much detail as possible. Electronic models and serial numbers are a big help. Take photos of each room. Leave nothing unopened. Go to the attic, the basement, the garage, and into every closet, cupboard, and drawer. Attach any receipts you have. 

Storing your inventory is as important as making one. It needs to be in a safe place away from your home if possible. If it is in the house store it in a fire and waterproof box or envelope. Keep track of it so you will be able to find it if you need it. 

If you are in the market for home insurance and live in or near Austin, TX, Southwest Insurance Center looks forward to finding you the policy you need and want.  

Auto Insurance Requirements in Austin, TX

There is quite a bit that is worth knowing about auto insurance in every state. If you live in the city of Austin TX, you can consult with the professionals at Southwest Insurance Center to see if they will answer your questions and provide you with options.

In the state of Texas, you are required to show proof that you are able to pay for the accidents you would cause. Most of the time, drivers will fulfill this requirement by purchasing auto liability insurance. Liability insurance covers repairs and replacements that are needed for the other driver’s vehicle. It will also pay the expenses that the others incur medically when you happen to be at fault in an auto accident.

You need liability coverage in most cases. In Texas, you will need to have a minimum of $30,000 of coverage that will cover injuries per person and up to $60,000 for each accident. You also need $25,000 of insurance coverage that is payable for property damage. You can also think about purchasing additional liability coverage, and there are other types of coverage as well. These include comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, personal injury protection coverage, medical payments coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, rental reimbursement coverage, and towing and labor coverage. You will need collision and comprehensive coverage as well if you still owe money on your vehicle.

When you purchase coverage, it will typically cover you, your family members, and anyone else who is driving your vehicle with your permission. Of course, you should talk to your agent to see if anyone is excluded, since it may differ from policy to policy.

If you drive a car in Austin, TX, you should contact the professionals at Southwest Insurance Center to see how they can help you with auto insurance coverage. They will be able to answer any questions that you might have and perhaps even steer you towards the insurance plan that is right for you.

An Overview Of Dwelling Fire Insurance

Southwest Insurance Center offers multiple types of insurance coverage. We assist our clients throughout Austin, TX, as well as the surrounding areas. We are committed to making sure that our clients find the coverage they need to protect their assets. We have relationships with several different carriers throughout Texas.

Dwelling Fire Insurance Overview

Sometimes, the South is known for its intense weather. During severe cases of weather, some areas are prone to fire. Whether it is caused by severe weather or just accidentally, a fire has the potential to cause serious damage to your property. While traditional coverage may cover fire damage due to a natural disaster, consider the benefits of dwelling fire insurance. Dwelling fire insurance covers any fire damage that occurs as a result of an accidental fire where you are responsible. The policy also covers any damage to your personal belongings. However, if you have luxury items that suffer fire damage, you may need to amend your policy in order to cover those items.  Dwelling fire insurance also covers you if your home suffers damage due to faulty wiring. You can add liability coverage to this policy so that you will be protected if the fire causes damage to someone else or their property.

Temporary Lodging Coverage

If the fire causes enough damage that your property becomes uninhabitable, you can add temporary lodging coverage to give you a safety net as you find temporary housing in Austin, TX until your property is repaired.

Additional Structures

You can add extra coverage to protect other structures on your property if they suffer damage. This protects you if your garage or trailer suffers fire damage.

Southwest Insurance Center Will Assist You

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Required Personal Auto Insurance in Texas

Personal auto insurance is a different type than commercial auto insurance. It is insurance for a vehicle that you use for personal reasons, not for work. It includes commuting to and from work, but it excludes commercial activities done with your vehicle. If you need personal auto insurance for your vehicle, contact us at Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX to talk about your auto insurance needs.

Coverage for Bodily Injury

In Texas, you must be covered for any bodily injury that you cause to others if you are at fault for an accident. This coverage, called bodily injury or death liability, must meet the mandatory minimum for the amount of coverage for one person who is injured or killed in an accident that you cause. There is another, higher, minimum for the total bodily injury or death caused by the entire accident. 

Coverage for Property Damage

Accidents often cause property damage. If you are at fault for an accident, you are responsible for paying for the damage to a car, building, or other property that the accident causes. Texas requires you to have property damage liability coverage in a specific amount to cover these costs. The amount of coverage required by the state is relatively low, however, and many people choose to expand this coverage so that they aren’t in danger of having to pay out of pocket. 

Get Your Required Auto Insurance

Your personal auto insurance must cover the state minimums, but you can also raise them as you see fit to better cover the costs associated with an accident you cause. If you are interested in auto insurance, call us at Southwest Insurance Center in Austin, TX to make an appointment to talk to an agent about this coverage. 

Do I need umbrella insurance in Texas?

Wondering if you need umbrella insurance? First, let’s define umbrella insurance and why it is usually recommended. Most people are familiar with auto or home insurance and their own coverage limits. Umbrella insurance goes a step further with its coverage. In the event of a lawsuit or accident, umbrella insurance can offer more coverage once regular limits have been reached.

Umbrella insurance may be used to cover legal fees, for example, if they exceed your insurance liabilities. If you are not covered by an umbrella policy, you would have to pay out of pocket for any amount over your limits. Lawsuits and accidents are pricey, so umbrella insurance is typically recommended if you have assets like a vehicle or home. 

While umbrella insurance is not required in Texas, it is highly recommended. Essentially, the more potential risk of your assets, the more likely you are to need umbrella insurance. Make sure to verify your claim and coverage with an agent in your area. If you are in the Austin, TX area, contact the knowledgeable team at Southwest Insurance Center. They can provide the most up to date information and umbrella insurance coverage options.

Landlord liabilities, serious bodily injury liabilities, and even libel or slander may potentially be covered with umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is one of the answers to life’s unexpected events. This personal insurance can absolve many worries with its extra coverage.

Depending on the amount of coverage and your assets, you may have to raise your insurance liability limits. Get in touch with the Southwest Insurance Center, serving the Austin, TX area to confirm your current coverage and get specifics on umbrella insurance policies.

The Truth About Some Common RV Insurance Statements

Southwest Insurance Center serves the Austin, TX community by offering insurance coverage. We are committed to helping our clients find the policies they need regardless of their situation. We embrace our role as an independent insurance agency and we work hard to provide a valuable experience.

Clarifying Some Common RV Insurance Statements

Many residents in the Austin, TX community enjoy riding their RV to get away from the stress of everyday life. However, it’s important that you have protection while you are traveling around. RV insurance covers your vehicle if you are involved in an accident or if the vehicle is damaged due to inclement weather. The policy also covers any of the personal items that you have in the RV if they are stolen and vandalized. While you are researching different policies, here is the truth regarding some aspects of RV insurance.

What About Extra Coverage?

Perhaps you’ve heard that adding extra coverage isn’t necessary if you don’t have valuable items. The truth is that you should consider adding extra coverage regardless if you have valuable possessions on your RV or not. If you add any accessories to your RV, adding extra coverage is important because it allows you to protect them if severe weather causes damages.

Am I Covered During An Emergency?

Yes, you are covered if your RV is damaged and you have to find a temporary place to stay. You can also amend your policy to include emergency assistance if your RV has engine troubles.  

Storage Coverage Is Important

If you plan to place your RV in storage when you aren’t using it, make sure that you have coverage. Accidents can happen at any moment. Storage coverage will protect your RV if someone tries to steal or vandalize it while you aren’t using it.

Consult With Southwest Insurance Center

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What is the benefit of motorcycle insurance in Austin?

In the Austin, TX area, the warm weather can make it a great place to own a motorcycle. Those that live here will be able to enjoy having one due to the efficient mode of transportation that it provides. While a motorcycle can be a fun and efficient mode of transportation, they are still an important responsibility that you need to carefully cover with insurance. There are many benefits that come when you get insurance for your motorcycle.

Coverage for Your Asset

One of the key advantages that come when you get motorcycle insurance is you will receive coverage for your asset. If you have a motorcycle, you will have invested money into the purchase and ongoing maintenance of it. The last thing that you will want to have happened would be to lose that investment if the motorcycle is damaged or stolen. With motorcycle insurance, you can receive coverage for this.

Liability Coverage

Another advantage that will come when you get motorcycle insurance is liability protection. Anyone that gets a motorcycle could cause an accident when they are operating it. If this does happen, you will have to pay for the damages caused. While these can be significant, a motorcycle insurance policy will offset the risks by providing you with liability coverage.

There are many reasons that someone should get a motorcycle insurance policy if they buy one in the Austin, TX area. If you are going to get a motorcycle and want to further evaluate your insurance needs and options, you should call the team at the Southwest Insurance Center. If you do call the Southwest Insurance Center, you can learn a lot more about the options at your disposal. This will help to ensure you remain properly covered.