Save Gas and Save Money With These Tips

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Everyone loves to save money on gas. Unfortunately, simply finding the gas station with the cheapest price is not always enough. Gas prices fluctuate so much that it is best to incorporate some gas saving ideas into your daily routine. Follow these tips to get started.

  1. Drive safely. Driving with extra caution can really help you save money on gas. By quickly accelerating and braking harder, you are using more gas than you need to. In fact, these actions can lower your fuel efficiency by 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent in the city. Take some time while driving and save some money on your gas. 
  2. Remove any excess weight. The more items you have in your vehicle, the more gas it will take to get it from point A to point B. If you have a lot of stuff in your trunk, take an afternoon to remove some of the items that you do not need in there. Your wallet will thank you when you go farther on a tank of gas. 
  3. Get a newer model car. The newer cars have more efficiency. In fact, every year, the fuel efficiency gets better than before. You do not need to have a new car every year but if you have an older car, you may want to consider an upgrade. This is especially true if your vehicle is over 10 years old. 

Saving money on gas is great but you also need to have good auto insurance. Contact Southwest Insurance Center serving Austin, TX to take a look at your current policy or find you a new one. Save on gas with these tips and save on insurance by finding a better option.