3 Tips for Avoiding Fender Bender Fraud

If you’ve ever been involved in an auto accident, you know just how scary the situation can be. But how do you know who you can trust and how do you keep yourself from being a victim of fraud? Here are three tips for avoiding fender bender fraud to consider.

Tip #1: Don’t Immediately Say It Was Your Fault

After an accident, it can be very easy to apologize or claim that the accident was your fault. This can lead the other party into thinking he or she has a right to inflate physical damage and injuries—a common example of insurance fraud. Instead, you can simply apologize for the inconvenience of the situation, but be sure to let the insurance companies really determine who is responsible.

Tip #2: Write It Down

As soon as you are safely able to do so, write down a full account of what happened in the incident. By doing this while your memory is fresh, you can help ensure you get the facts as clear and concise as possible. If the police department will respond, having a copy of their final report will also be helpful. Having this information ready if the other party tries to claim damages can be incredibly helpful in the effort to prove your case.

Tip #3: Never Walk Away from an Accident without Exchanging Information

Many people believe that if they get into a minor accident where there is no damage that they do not need to exchange information or take photos of the other vehicle. This is wrong and ultimately very dangerous. If a third-party decides later to fraudulently file suit for property damage or injury, you could be liable simply because the burden of proof is on you. By ensuring you get this information right away, you can help protect yourself if the situation ever goes any farther.

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